8 curiosities that took place on the set, but for a while no one knew about them

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When we watch our favorite movies and TV series, we almost never think about how they were shot. But behind the beautiful picture and interesting story are months of painstaking work. Sometimes the events that take place on the set are no less dramatic and striking than the film or series itself. Fortunately, some actors dared to talk about them.

Us in It is always interesting to learn mysterious and exciting behind-the-scenes stories, so we want to tell you about 8 little-known facts shared by the direct participants of the event.

1. She was not easy to shoot in the series “Friends” because of her physique

Eccentric and positive Phoebe Buffet could not leave indifferent any of the fans of the series “Friends”. But Lisa Kudrow recently told about what was happening on the set: “You can’t call fitting fun.” The actress, who is about 170 cm tall, admitted that she was different from her partners in physique. She was bigger, and because of that she sometimes felt uncomfortable in the clothes her heroine wore.

2. Spending infinitely long hours on the set of “Titanic”, Leonardo DiCaprio felt unhappy

History love Jack and Rose are the ones who will stay forever. But it looks like shooting a picture that beat record on cash fees, were a difficult process. In one interview Leonardo DiCaprio complained that the work on the film was intense and he felt unhappy.

Recently Kate Winslet too confessedthat the shooting was “not pleasant” for anyone, but they all acted together, even if the working hours were very long.

3. Will Smith fell in love with his colleague on the set when he was still married to his first wife

Will Smith told in his memoirs, that during the filming comedy drama “Six Degrees of Alienation” in 1993, he fell in love with his partner Stockard Channing and remained in the image even off the set. Smith, who was just married at the time, recently had a son, and his relationship with the actress remained strictly professional.

4. The recent show “Friends: Reunion” reminded her of the most difficult period in her life

We can only imagine the nostalgia and emotions that the 6 main characters faced “Friends”when they met again on set 17 years later. Jennifer Aniston confessedthat this “journey through time” was not easy for her. Also, an actress who played sociable for 10 years Rachel Green, said that what was happening reminded her of the past and in particular the most difficult period of her life. It must have been very painful for her.

5. Anne Hathaway kept her pregnancy a secret from everyone on the set

It is not easy to hide your pregnancy when you are surrounded by a whole team on the set. But Anne Hathaway admitted that in the 1st trimester she did not tell anyone that waiting the second child. In the 2nd trimester, she shared the news with only a couple of people who worked with her on the film “Witches”. “The costume was still right for me, so I didn’t have to let everyone know,” she said.

6. Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams did not get along with the filming of “Memory Diary”

Although they are the protagonists of one of the most popular and romantic love stories, the relationship on the set “Memory Diary” in 2004, Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams did not get along. The director of the film rememberedthat one day their disagreement reached such a level that Gosling asked to replace McAdams with some other actress. Interestingly, after the filming, from 2005 to 2007, they met.

7. Zoe Deschanel and Jake Johnson could not shoot together at first due to “too much chemistry” between them

In 2012, Zoe Deschanel confessedthat she and her film partner Jake Johnson immediately developed “too much chemistry.” Therefore, the writers of the series “New” they had to be “kept away” from each other: they had to fall in love with each other gradually over several seasons, and the intimacy between them ran counter to the script.

8. Due to the filming of the cult scene, she had a nervous breakdown on the site

In the cult scene romantic comedy In 2011, Ryan Gosling’s “This Stupid Love” was to lift Emma Stone into the air in an idyllic setting to make viewers’ hearts beat faster. But there was a problem: Emma Stone was afraid of being raised over someone’s head, and that’s exactly what was required in this scene.

Actress toldthat this fear is connected with childhood memories – then she was dropped by a gymnastics coach and she broke both arms. Fortunately, Emma was able to cope with fear, and this scene became an integral part of the film.

Which of these revelations came as the most unexpected to you? Do you agree that the real life of actors is much more complicated and far from glamor than we are all used to thinking?

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