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Any film can be either a box office hit or a failure. Knowing this, Hollywood celebrities think long and hard before agreeing to a role. Some artists decide not to take risks and refuse to act in films that end up breaking all records. found such celebrities for whom, if they did not refuse to participate in some films, now everything would be a little different.

1. Jennifer Lopez – “Incorrect”

Jay Lo has an extensive filmography. But she still gave up a role that could change her acting career – Connie’s “Incorrect”. She is she saidthat the producers sent her the script, but it was not finished yet. Although Jennifer now regrets the rejection, she admits that the role was written specifically for Diane Lane.

2. Brad Pitt – The Matrix

It’s hard to imagine anyone else in Keanu Reeves’ place The Matrix. However, the role of Neo was first offered to Brad Pitt. He said he knew at once that she was not for him. Also an actor added: “If we decided to do a show about cool movies that I didn’t do, it would take 2 nights.”

3. Denzel Washington – Michael Clayton

The actor was once asked during an interview if he regretted giving up any roles. Washington answeredthat Michael Clayton was one of the best scripts he had read in a long time. However, the director of the film was a newcomer, this fact made him doubt, and in the end he refused.

4. Michael Keaton – “Groundhog Day”

Since his first appearance on the screen, Michael Keaton has earned a reputation as a great actor. However, he refused from roles in famous films. He was one of them Groundhog Daywhich is considered cult today. Although the actor regrets his refusal, he also admits that he could not play the hero better than Bill Murray.

5. Eddie Murphy – “Who framed Roger the rabbit?”

The film “Who framed Roger’s rabbit?” was a hit in the 1980s. It turns out that one of the main roles was offered by Eddie Murphy. He explainedthat he did not even consider his participation in this project, as he was convinced that the mixture of people-actors with animated characters is a bad idea. The comedian also added that every time he sees this film, he feels like an idiot because of the refusal.

6. Sean Connery – “The Matrix: Reboot”

Sean Connery, who played James Bond, could also appear in the film “The Matrix: Reboot”but refused for one reason only: he did not understand script. The role of architect eventually went to Helmut Bakaitis.

7. Halle Berry – “Speed”

Halle Berry stated in an interview that she was offered a role in “Speeds” before Sandra Bullock. If she agreed, the film could be completely different. At the time, the script seemed unconvincing, and she refused. But after watching the picture, the actress regretted her decision.

8. Matt Damon – “Avatar”

Matt admitted that refusal star in “Avatar” cost him a tidy sum. According to him, he feels like the most brainless businessman in the world because of this. However, the main reason for the refusal was the fact that the actor had already agreed to participate in another film and decided to follow ethics.

Do you think that if these films starred actors from our list, they would have changed a lot? Which characters from other films would you prefer to replace with someone if you could?

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