8 best thrillers from Netflix. The service left, and the Russian translation remained

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Streaming service may be out of our lives, but good movies remain. Today we offer you a selection of just such – original, original, with great stories and actors.

The best films that could be found in the Netflix collection are waiting for you. I’m sure most of you haven’t even watched: for example, what about the story of two brothers who robbed a bank, one of whom is not quite in his right mind? And in this film starred Robert “Batman the Vampire” Pattinson, and many consider this role to be his best work in his acting career.

In general, choose a movie for the evening and watch with pleasure:

1. El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie

Genre: drama, crime
Year of release: 2019
Spectator rating: ⭐️ 7.30 (IMDb), 7.2 (MovieSearch)
Country: USA
Director: Vince Gilligan
Starring: Aaron Paul, Matt Jones, Charles Baker, Jesse Plemons, Robert Forster

About what: what happened to the second hero of the series “Into the Heavy”, Jesse Pinkman, after the story with Walter White.

Jesse Pinkman escaped from the neo-Nazis. Now he does not know where to go, hiding from the police, kidnappers and his past. His task is to understand how to live on.

The film is full of references to the series “Into the Heavy”, but even if you haven’t watched it, the film itself is great.

In the subject: He looked at El Camino. A worthy finale of the series In all difficult

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2. Bird Box

Genre: horror, fiction
Year of issue: 2018
Spectator rating: ⭐️ 6.60 (IMDb), 6.8 (MovieSearch)
Country: USA
Director: Suzanne Beer
Starring: Sandra Bullock, Trevante Rhodes, John Malkovich, Sarah Paulson, Jackie Weaver

About what: the story of the survival of a single mother with children in a strange world where you can die at any moment.

A woman with two five-year-old children, hearing on the radio about a safe place, goes in search of a surviving community and picks up parrots in a box.

Their path lies in a world where something incomprehensible literally drives all people with open eyes crazy. Absolutely everyone can become an aggressive animal in an instant, with the desire to kill everyone around. The most important thing is not to look around and listen to how the birds react to the impending danger.

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3. Velvet Buzzsaw

Genre: horror, thriller, detective, comedy
Year of release: 2019
Spectator rating: ⭐️ 5.70 (IMDb), 6.2 (MovieSearch)
Country: USA
Director: Dan Gilroy
Starring: Jake Gyllenhaal, Rene Rousseau, Zavi Ashton, Tom Sturridge, Tony Collett

About what: a mystical story about an unknown artist and his paintings.

Morph Vandewalt, an art critic with impeccable taste, leads a measured and moderately boring life of a bohemian partygoer.

When one day his girlfriend accidentally finds a whole warehouse of unknown paintings in the apartment of a deceased neighbor, Morph realizes that they have discovered a genius. As the deceased’s relatives have not been found, local galleries are racing to buy new works.

But it soon becomes clear that art is not always harmless. And Morph begins an investigation into the artist’s identity.

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4. Scammer (I Care a Lot)

Genre: thriller, comedy, crime
Year of release: 2020
Spectator rating: ⭐️ 6.30 (IMDb), 6.6 (MovieSearch)
Country: USA, Great Britain
Director: Mikael Hofström
Starring: Rosamund Pike, Peter Dinklage, Ace Gonzalez, Diane Whist, Chris Messina

About what: a swindler who deceitfully takes away housing from elderly single people stumbles upon an old woman with a serious “roof”.

Marla is guided by the principle “the strongest wins”. The woman organized a prosperous business: using the right people, bribery and tricks in the law, she takes care of defenseless elderly people, puts the poor man in nursing homes and sells their property.

Her new victim, the elderly Jennifer Peterson, seems like a delicacy – she has no relatives, but there are decent savings, a home and the initial signs of dementia. Marla turns the old scheme over with the new “ward”, but the old woman is not as simple as it seemed at first glance.

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5. Platform (El hoyo)

Genre: fiction, thriller, drama
Year of release: 2019
Spectator rating: ⭐️ 7.00 (IMDb), 7.1 (MovieSearch)
Country: Spain
Director: Halder Gastel-Urrutia
Starring: Ivan Massage, Sorion Egileor, Antonia San Juan, Emilio Buale

About what: a frightening grotesque about our society, relationships and consumption

Goren agrees to take part in an experiment and soon comes to his senses in an almost empty level 48 room, where there are large rectangular openings in the floor and ceiling.

There are two people on each level, and how many levels there are is unknown. The floors are connected by a common well, through which the platform is lowered once a day with food, and the lower the people, the less chance they have to eat.

Castling occurs every month, and the inhabitants of the upper levels may be at the bottom, and vice versa. As he was allowed to take one item with him, Goren chose a volume of Don Quixote, and his neighbor grabbed a large self-sharpening knife.

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6. Other (Freaks)

Genre: fiction, drama
Year of issue: 2018
Spectator rating: ⭐️ 6.70 (IMDb), 6.5 (MovieSearch)
Country: USA, Canada
Director: Zach Lipowski, Adam B. Stein
Starring: Lexi Kolker, Emil Hirsch, Bruce Dern, Grace Pack, Amanda Crewe

About what: a father hides his little daughter from the world, but one day she escapes from captivity.

A single father lives a quiet, secluded life with his 7-year-old daughter in a small house in the suburbs. The girl exists in complete isolation from the outside world – she can not even leave the house, let alone the opportunity to play with peers, because according to her father, the world is full of dangerous people.

One day, unable to resist the temptation, the girl still goes outside to buy ice cream. Befriending an old ice cream parlor, Chloe is surprised to discover that the world is not as dangerous as her father’s.

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7. The Perfection

Genre: thriller, drama
Year of issue: 2018
Spectator rating: ⭐️ 6.10 (IMDb), 6.2 (MovieSearch)
Country: USA, Canada
Director: Richard Shepard
Starring: Allison Williams, Logan Browning, Stephen Weber, Elaine Huffman

About what: two cellists go on tour in China, along the way understanding the relationship with each other and others.

The talented cellist Charlotte has not been involved in music for 10 years, devoting her life to caring for her sick mother. However, her mother dies and Charlotte decides to pick up the instrument again.

She finds her former teachers, Anton and Paloma, and finds out that they are choosing a new student in China right now. Charlotte joins the team and meets a new music star named Lizzie. Together the girls go on a trip to China.

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8. Good Time

Genre: thriller, drama, crime
Year of issue: 2017
Spectator rating: ⭐️ 7.30 (IMDb), 6.9 (MovieSearch)
Country: USA
Director: Benny Safdi, Josh Safdi
Starring: Robert Pattinson, Benny Safdy, Buddy Duress, Waist Webster

About what: the brothers plan to rob a bank, but one of them falls into the hands of the police.

After unsuccessful attempts to find a job to pay the accumulated bills, a guy named Connie decides to rob a bank. One is difficult to cope with, so Connie takes with him to the case of his brother Nick, who suffers from mental disorders.

After a successful robbery in Nick’s hands, a package of paint explodes and the guy goes to the police. Connie feels guilty and decides to get her helpless brother out of the police station no matter what.

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The service is gone, but good movies remain.

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