7 very expensive series that never became popular

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We are talking about the show, which, despite the high cost, could not find its audience.

Terra Nova

Action, adventure, science fiction 3.63 out of 5 on MyShows 9 hours 19 minutes

In 2149, the future of mankind is threatened by air pollution and overpopulation, most of the flora and fauna is extinct. But when scientists at the FERMI particle accelerator suddenly discover a time gap that allows them to create a portal to the primitive world, they have an idea – to relocate humanity to the past and try to re-create civilization, but this time do it right. At the center of the plot is the Shannon family, who travel 85 million years ago to join the Terra Nova colony.

After reading the description, I decided that there would be something like “Hundreds”. But still started watching, a few series. After the first episode, I realized that everything would be different and I liked it much more than many recently started series. It is a pity that they closed, although the ground for the second season was laid. I liked that the ending, although it left questions, but still more or less clear. The story line has been brought to an end, and you don’t have to guess they killed or didn’t kill the main characters they already loved. In general, I liked it. “ – Someone_New.

“And the truth is that the series has a very interesting idea. The pilot did not come in at first, but after the second attempt everything went smoothly. As usual, interesting puzzles that wanted to leave for next season. It’s a pity that the series was closed, I liked it, “ – NikaLost.

“The series is weak. But there is something in it… Looks with ease. Species and dinosaurs are drawn credit) “, – mariro.

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Fiction, drama 3.81 out of 5 on MyShows 9 hours 19 minutes

frame from the series kings

The series is based on the biblical story of King David, but the show takes place in a kingdom culturally and technologically reminiscent of the modern United States. The war between the kingdoms of Gilboa and the Republic of Gath does not end, to which ordinary David Shepherd, a young and naive provincial, goes. However, when he manages to do the almost impossible in battle – to defeat the enemy tank “Goliath” and save the captured Prince Gilboa, David becomes famous. In gratitude, King Silas Benjamin invites the young man to the capital, where he soon finds himself involved in palace intrigues.

“Gorgeous! Slow and atmospheric, but the quality is felt “– Oaking.

“I downloaded the series exclusively for Sebastian Stan, but in general I liked it. Not a bad plot “, – Sul_Shel.

“I think if we had chosen a more interesting actor for the lead role, the series could well have lasted two or three seasons. The script is good, each series had the right amount of drama and unexpected twists. In general, now the projects are weaker and last longer, “ – ONG.

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Remember what will be / FlashForward

Drama, science fiction, crime 3.84 out of 5 on MyShows 16 hours 29 minutes

frame from the series Remember what will happen

What would you do if you were given a glimpse into the future? Would you accept what you saw and live a full life, or would you do everything possible to change your destiny? When the population of the planet “disconnected” for a couple of minutes and looked into their own future, it made everyone think about what will happen and whether it can be avoided. The agents of the elite FBI task force formed to prevent the impending catastrophe, as well as to find out why the “shutdown” occurred, think about this the most.

“Gorgeous series, watched in one breath and moments without it! It’s insanely unfortunate that they closed. “ – uniqorned.

“It’s a great series that deserves more. Like the audience who loved him. I swallowed all the series in one gulp. Now treat the nerves and the broken heart, “ – Oliverell22.

“I honestly don’t understand why this series had low ratings… The plot is so exciting, and each series ends so intriguingly that I want to watch it again and again! Maybe someday they will really shoot a sequel or completely rewrite the series, it would be interesting to watch! “ – Katriona.

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Drama, fantasy 3.24 out of 5 on MyShows 8 hours 20 minutes

frame from the series camelot

At the end of the 5th century, Britain had been free from Roman rule for decades. After the sudden death of King Uther, chaos threatens the country. The sorcerer Merlin sees this bleak future and appoints young Arthur as the new king, the unknown son of Uther and the heir who was raised as a commoner. Arthur is trying to build a new Britain where people can live in peace. Meanwhile, Morgana, Arthur’s half-sister, plans to take the crown from him and ascend the throne herself.

“The series turned out to be quite entertaining. It was hard not to pay attention to most of the completely wooden characters. This is especially true of Arthur. But, fortunately, a lot of screen time went to Eve Green and Claire Forlani, who are absolutely wonderful. And although there were many complaints throughout the story, the end is still very worthy. “ – Little_Ly.

“Morgana played by Eva Green is gorgeous, the only character she wanted to empathize with,” – fanaticDK.

“Overall, the series had good potential. I love Arturian or something about Robin Hood, I like that era, and in general the series “Merlin”, of course, legendary! She started, like many, because of Eva Green, but in the end, even so beautiful, she became annoying in this role (Morgana from Katie McGrady caused me more sympathy). Many characters and their drama infuriated with their stupidity and I wanted to punch the floor with Facebook. In the beginning, Merlin really liked how he literally created legends familiar to everyone on the fly, but by the end of the series, they scored on it, as well as on the character himself somehow. He seemed to me not wise and not so great, it was magic that was not enough. It’s sad that Igraine died and he left… I was in pain for their couple. The ladies in this series are definitely amazing. And a separate love for Gawain – directly penetrated the character, it would be interesting to continue to watch him. But I’m not very upset that the series doesn’t have a sequel. “ – vk684069.

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Annealing / The Get Down

Drama, musical 4.21 out of 5 on MyShows 11 hours 48 minutes

frame from the series annealing

New York in the 1970s is a broken, brutal, poor and utterly hopeless city. However, teenagers from the South Bronx are not going to give up. Despite the fact that they have nothing but their words, music, dances and cans, they still plan to conquer the Big Apple. The show tells the story of how these diverse teenagers managed not to lose faith in themselves and create hip-hop, punk and disco, forever changing New York and the world.

“The Netflix series is not something that is badly publicized, it is not publicized at all. Absolutely no marketing. And then they wonder why there are so few views – because no one knows about it. It’s a shame that I have to say goodbye so early. Huge potential, so many unrealized storylines, and the finale itself is broken. To be honest, I didn’t think the series would last less than one season. Personally for me Annealing will remain one of the best and, perhaps, the most underestimated projects of Netflix (big IMHO, you can disagree). Thanks to Luhrmann Base and the team for everything. Annealing deserved more, ” – television.

“This is how the story was created… All dancers, graphic artists and lovers of street culture must watch it,” – Gufnya.

“It’s a pity that there are only 11 episodes (Very cool, not banal, but really original series! I want to hope for the best, but the fate of Thor and Rumi, Ra-ry remains unclear… The story of Francisco and Milena’s mother was also interesting… Oh, it’s a pity they closed! ((“– NataliaDavydova.

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Drama | 7 hours 44 minutes

frame from the series Supertrain

The series takes place on Supertrain – a high-speed train with a nuclear power plant, running between New York and Los Angeles. The train has many facilities, including swimming pools, shopping malls, a gym, a library, a medical center and a disco. The show tells about the life of the passengers of this train.

The Super Train nearly bankrupted NBC: about $ 10 million was spent on train models alone. But in addition to the train, the decorators built a network of railways and platforms. The project lasted only three months, nine episodes were released, after which NBC closed the series, fearing a complete financial collapse.

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Marco Polo

Action, drama, adventure 4.1 out of 5 on MyShows | 18 hours 32 minutes

frame from the series Marco Polo

Venetian Marco Polo, along with his father and other merchants, went to China, where he was suddenly given to Khan Khubilai in exchange for the right to trade on the Silk Road. So Marco finds himself at the palace, where everything is mired in greed, betrayal, rivalry and love intrigue. Marco studied local traditions and culture and gradually became a trusted person of the khan.

“Shikarnetsky TV series! I started watching without expecting to like anything, but I was fascinated right away, from the very first series. Unexpected and pleasant. All in all, even the elements of kung fu fit perfectly into the plot outline and added to the on-screen entertainment. “ – Blahh.

“The series is very decent, atmospheric, the theme is quite unusual for this level of series. I will partly agree with some illogicality, pathetic dialogues and a sad line with pregnancy, and the second season is more about undercover intrigue. But this is still one of the most interesting series watched recently (old, but only recently reached the hands :). In general, it’s worth a look, “ – betrayal.

“The series is atmospheric, exciting, in a few days both seasons in one breath. It’s a pity that they closed, apparently, the most interesting thing started, “ – ZombieShow.

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