7 star images from the “Grammy 2022”, proving that the taste for fame and fortune does not apply

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Looking at the image of Megan, one might think that she was bitten by Irina Allegrova. On the red carpet, the girl appeared in a Roberto Cavalli dress with an animal print, which is so loved by the “Russian hijacker” adored by Russians. The girl managed to show her “brutal” temperament, but it looks as if the award was held not in 2022, but somewhere in the nineties. However, why not?

Usually on the red carpet all men dress as boringly as possible. For most, dressing up means wearing a classic suit. But it’s definitely not about Jared. The singer and actor regularly shocks with his performances. This time he also managed to make all the fashion experts hang their jaws. Out of horror. The image code-named “Hello everyone, I have a midlife crisis” will be a nightmare for a long time to come.

The star couple came to the red carpet in Balenciaga and Saint Laurent. But despite the “heavy suite”, Justin and Hailey managed to look like they bought clothes at Auchan on the way to the award. Without fitting. And if Justin’s huge jacket and pants look “as if they should”, then Haley is definitely out of luck with … the dress. If this garment can be called that at all. It looks more like the model is wrapped in a piece of fabric. We hope she was at least comfortable.

Someone has to tell Rachel that stylists hate her. Otherwise, this misunderstanding from Dior Couture on the actress is simply impossible to explain. Maybe in the sketch it is a “miracle” and looked great. But in reality everything turned out to be a catastrophe. The bust went too low. So much so that a couple of abrupt movements could send Zegler to the covers of the tabloids. And the color of the fabric … Remember what water flows from the machine after the first cycle of washing? So, this is it.

Olivia became the best new artist this year. The girl is only 19, and, apparently, she has not yet gained the experience to say “no” to her stylists. The singer came to the red carpet in a dress from Vivienne Westwood. The illusion of a figure inlaid with rhinestones and black gloves with a huge stone on the ring – all this is more suitable for a Halloween party than for the main music award of the year.

Another suit on the carpet. The image of actress Chloe Bailey was prepared at Valentino, but the outfit looks as if it was stolen from a costume house of folk art in a rural town. This dress and cloak can be easily presented on the animator during the Christmas tree, but not on the Grammy track.

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