7 gifts and movies to watch in light of Kim Woo Bean’s return

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It’s been four years since Kim Woo Bin took a break from its activities in the entertainment industry. It’s been a long time, and we’re glad he’s healthy and happy again. Fans have recently been able to see Kim U Bina as a model, and the actor also appeared on an entertainment show. And here he returns to the small screen with the drama Our Blues. It is safe to say that Kim Woo Bin returned and ready to conquer our hearts again. If you haven’t had a chance to take a look at his other projects, here are a few that are definitely worth a look.

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“School 2013”

Go Nam Sun (Lee Chong Sok) and Pak Hyun Su (Kim Woo Bin) – two teenagers who have to go through the stress of school life. They cope with the stress of getting good grades, bullying, maintaining a good reputation, and peer pressure from being in bad company. Nam Song is elected president of the class, but some students become a source of great stress for him.

“School 2013” – the first drama from School serieswhen its output was resumed, as well as fifth in the overall standings. Those who watched the series at the time became big fans of the cast. He started the ascent Kim U Bina to fame, as viewers could not forget his image of a bad guy and a charismatic aura. The series touches on real and serious problems in South Korean schools. An added bonus is the bromance between the two main characters.

“Friend 2: Heritage”

The stars of this movie are Yu O Sonwho also starred in the first film “Friend”, and Kim Woo Bin. Yu O Son plays June Soka, who has been released from prison and is trying to get back the gang he used to lead. He takes Chhwe Son Hoon (Kim Woo Bin) under his wing, so that he could help him regain his former influence. They work together to accomplish June Sok’s task, but Son Hoon soon learns the truth that could harm their relationship.

“Friend” is considered a classic of Korean cinema, so there were many expectations before the release of the second part. Kim Woo Bin was perfect for the role and was able to show exactly what the fans expected when it was announced that he would play in the sequel. In the film you can see the pensive and cool Kim U Binawho wears a suit. In this role, he radiates a special charisma, and all fans of the actor should watch it.


“Heirs” Is a Korean drama in which Lee Min Ho and Pak Shin He play two unhappy school lovers. The drama was written famous Kim In Suk, from the pen of which came many popular series. Many stars can be seen in the drama: Crystal, Kang Min Hyoka from CNBLUE, Kan Ha Nil, Pak Hyun Shika, Kim Ji Won and, of course, Kim U Bina.

Kim Woo Bin has come a long way since playing the protagonist’s second “Heirs”. If the cast is not reason enough to watch this series, then the charming second protagonist in the performance Kim Woo Bin – should be a good reason. His character who is very much in love with the character Pak Shin He and turns from a stubborn bad guy into a mad lover, will find a response from all romantics. This role Kim Woo Bin has received many fans from around the world.


“Twenty” Is a film about coming of age, and its theme can touch everyone. They starred in it Kim Woo Bin, Li Chuno and Kan Ha Nil in the role of three best friends who are just trying to survive. All three characters have very different characters, but they are in the same moments in life, when they are just trying to figure out what to do next.

This film starred three very beautiful actors, between whom there was a relaxed chemistry. They had a great time during the filming of this film and remained friends after the project.

“Recklessly in love”

Shin Joon Yoon (Kim Woo Bin) – a famous actor, whose fate brings him to No Il (Susie), the operator of documentaries. She’s assigned to work with June Yong, but they have some history. They met in high school, and after many misunderstandings and missed opportunities, parted ways, never knowing the truth about each other’s feelings. But Il is not going to revive any feelings for June Yong, but June Yong seems to think otherwise. He is determined to keep her close.

Tearful drama “Recklessly in love” not for the faint of heart. Chemistry Kim U Bina and Susie in this series especially unforgettable, as viewers plunged into the emotional roller coaster of two lovers who went from first to last love. The staging, soundtrack, scenery and acting were perfectly combined with each other, creating this heartbreaking but beautiful melodrama.


In “Specialists” Kim Woo Bin plays Lee Ji Hyuk, a scammer who collaborates with Pak Chon Be (Lee Hyun Woo), an elite hacker, and Kim Gu Ying (Guo Chan Sok). All three work together to try to steal some valuable diamonds from a jewelry store.

This dynamic, exciting film has all the elements of the action genre that will keep you in suspense from start to finish. The highlight is the delightful chemistry in between Lee Hyun Woo and Kim U Bean. Their jokes about each other evoke pleasant emotions that go well with the action. There are also some unexpected twists that will keep you in suspense. This is a very fascinating movie!


Kim Jong Un (Can Don Von) – head of the group investigating crimes. He is investigating the large-scale case of Gene (Lee Byeong Hon), president of the Won Network, who is suspected of fraud. Pak Chan Gong (Kim Woo Bin) – Head of one of the departments of Won Network.

This epic film is just full of famous Korean actors. A trio consisting of Can Don Won, Lee Byeon Hoon and Kim U Bina, will not disappoint, and the mystery of the storyline will keep you in suspense. In addition, here you can see the very mature side of acting Kim U Binawhich many may not be used to seeing before.

Bonus: “Sudden Business 2”

Kim Woo Bin returned to television after a break when his good friends Cho In Son and Cha Tae Hyun asked him to join them in the second season of the show “Sudden Business” (Unexpected Business). The plot of the show is that they have to run a grocery store for a week. Along with Kim U Bean there also appeared Lee Kwan Su and Im Joo Hwangwho worked very hard trying to keep the business afloat. It was nice to see Kim U Bina in a more relaxed and comfortable setting, and viewers were also able to see how close the friends were.

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