7 best Stray Kids clips according to the participants themselves

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IN Stray Kids many visually appealing clips for powerful and memorable songs. It is very difficult to choose only one best clip.

Recently participants Stray Kids asked to choose their favorite clips from the group’s video. Here are the clips they named.

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1. “God’s Menu” – Ban Chan

Ban Chan chose the cult video on “God’s Menu” for the influence he had on the trajectory of the group.

He said, “Everything was just true, the truth was perfect: transitions, performance, choreography, visual effects. And the overall impact that God’s Menu had was a really important turning point for the Stray Kids. I think the guys think so too».

2. «MANIAC» – Lee Know and Felix

Lee Know chose a video for their latest title song “MANIAC”, for the end of which he is teased by the participants.

He said, “I think we were able to show those of our sides who didn’t show before that I really like it, because I think it feels new.».

Felix originally wanted to choose “God’s Menu” because of how this clip showed color Stray Kidsbut in the end he agreed with Lee Know – mainly with how MANIAC shows interesting camera work and how shades change during transitions.

Felix said: “In “MANIAC” there are so many transitions and angles of shooting that it suits our words, our song… in every sense. Looking at it, I feel like it’s a new peak for Stray Kids for 2022. I think this is a very good start, and the whole new MANIAC concept has given new Stay sensations to people around the world.».

3. “Freeze” – Chanbin

According to Chanbina, the clip on the “Freeze” byside deserves recognition. He likes the way he looks in the video, and it’s hard to blame him. He said, “Because I like my suit in it».

Ban Chan added that Changbin the image of the detective is very suitable.

4. “Thunderous” – Hyunjin

Hyunjin chose a video for “Thunderous” and said that the way the scenes in the video presented Korean traditions was cool.

Hyungin I especially liked the last part of the video, where all the participants came together. Ban Chan said everyone was goosebumps when they first saw the scene.

5. “Back Door” – Khan

For Hannah favorite clip – “Back Door” because of the transitions, outfits and choreography.

He said, “All the scene changes, all the transitions were amazing. And our outfits… The scene where everyone is dancing together overwhelms me with emotions. I’m really excited about the song and every scene of the clip».

6. “TOP” – Synmin

According to Synminathe clip for the Japanese song “TOP” deserves praise.

Synmin said: “It has great style and stunning scenes. We used a rope. There are many special scenes in it…»

The band used this type of shooting for the first time, and the participants were interested in trying something new.

7. “All In” – IN

IN chose a clip for the Japanese song “All In”.

He chose it because “the concept was very interesting and fresh».

The participants liked the concept of police and robbers, but they noted that it was really hot to shoot with the fire in the background.

And what a clip Stray Kids – your favorite?

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