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In recent years, Russian-made series have taken a huge step forward. Our directors really are learned to make a good film that is a worthy competition to the European and American film product. We are talking about six new series that can be watched in Russian online cinemas and on television.

“And hello again!”

Photo: frame from the movie “Hello again!”; director – Egor Chichkanov; production – “Mediaslovo”

A crime action comedy with a lot of black humor about a guy who rises from the dead several times. Boris is a bandit, all his life he was engaged in dark deeds such as murder and torture of people, but once decided to start and do a peaceful thing – to open a confectionery. Only his boss didn’t like it, and the day Boris tells him he wants to leave, he is killed.

However, at this sad moment everything is just beginning: Boris comes to his senses in the morgue and finds himself not alive, but not quite dead. Student Artem, who is undergoing internship at the morgue, is called to help a person in such a strange life status. He will have to periodically darn holes in Boris’s head and find out who killed him and where he put all his money.

Where to look: online cinema IVI.


Photo: frame from the movie “Karamora”; director – Danila Kozlovsky; production – Kinoprim Foundation, DK Entertainment

Another attempt by Danila Kozlovsky to become not only a sex symbol of Russian cinema, but also a director. The first was quite successful – the drama “Coach” (2018) about the provincial football backstage, the second – less successful – the feature film “Chernobyl”, and the third time Kozlovsky took up the series and it turned out well.

“Karamora” is a fantasy thriller about the alternative history of pre-revolutionary Russia of the early twentieth century. The main character is an anarchist Karamor, who has to find a lost loved one. Only while he does not know that he will have to face not just the kidnappers, but vampires, and how to fight them, will have to understand in the course of the case. Bloody, spectacular and very epic. Worth to see!

Where to look: START online cinema.

“Silver Wolf”

Photo: frame from the movie “Silver Wolf”; director – Eugene Zvezdakov; production – Sreda Production Company

A detective drama about the contradictions of different generations. Alexander Volkov is a retired FSB colonel who teaches at the academy, and his young colleague, Captain Igor Kamorin, is an ordinary operative and a big fan of modern technology. Kamorin and Volkov are quite skeptical about each other: the former is convinced that his colleague is stuck in the last century, and the latter is convinced that without his fashionable gadgets, the captain will not last an hour at this job.

However, in the series they have to work together and investigate one case, and here either ideological contradictions will prevail, or a powerful tandem of old school and digital technology will emerge.

Where to look: The first channel or site “Kino1TV”.

“Sergius against the devil”

Photo: frame from the movie “Sergius against the devil”; director – Kirill Kuzin; production – “MTS Media”, “Panic Production”

Funny and moderately eerie fantasy about the dismissed priest Sergius, who decides to earn a living by destroying evil spirits. He lives where he has to, sleeps during the day, and hunts for goblins and witches at night. Of course, he does it not for free: for one killed Koshchei takes 300 thousand rubles, for Kota-Bayun – 250 thousand, and with witches the simplest, so for them he asks 60 thousand rubles for a witch.

One day, he meets the investigator of the threat, Ekaterina, who will not be hindered in the investigation of the murders by her father’s help in the fight against fairy-tale monsters, and they begin to work in a rather extravagant tandem. “Sergius” is also interesting for its “film story” format: it can be watched as a full meter or in the form of a series of short 15-minute episodes.

Where to look: KION online cinema.

“The Heifers”

Photo: frame from the movie “The Heifers”; director – Maria Agranovich; production – “Mediaslovo”

Screen adaptation of Sergei Minaev’s bestseller about the glamorous 2000s. Andrei Mirkin is the head of a successful PR agency, lovelas and partygoer. He goes over his head, twists several novels in parallel, manipulates people and generally despises all the people around him. However, it is difficult to ruin other people’s lives in the long run so that you do not end up for it.

The tender for several million should be the icing on the cake in Andrei’s career, but behind Mirkin’s external success lies so much dirt and broken destinies that sooner or later it all has to break out.

Where to look: online service


Photo: frame from the movie “Nomination”; director – Nadezhda Mikhalkova; production – OKKO Studios, “Mediaslovo”

A mini-series from the Mikhalkov family – Nadezhda and Anna. The first is a director and actress, and the second is a performer of one of the main roles. This is a story about the family of a late Soviet director named Alexei Istomin, where everything is connected by his name and belonging to the world of cinema. His widow, Agafya Alexandrovna, heads the deceased husband’s fund and produces films. Her daughter Vera sleeps and sees herself in Hollywood and is already going to leave the country to film, and Vera’s sister – Tatiana – is starring in a TV series, but dreams of a big movie and complex roles.

Life unfolds in such a way that all three meet on the same site, where they begin to make a film based on the script of the late head of the family. An honest story about Russian cinema, its present and future, as well as how to live, if your name speaks for you.

Where to look: Okko online cinema.

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