6 incredibly strong k-pop male idols

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K-pop idols train quite often to stay in shape and achieve the desired physique. This not only maintains a healthy lifestyle, but also gives them a confident shine.

However, some idols are simply strong by nature, and their strength only increases through exercise.

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Introducing 6 k-pop male idols with incredible physical strength!

  1. Chonho from ATEEZ

Chonho undoubtedly one of the strongest idols of k-pop. From breaking apples and watermelons to chips, Chonho has impressive power. The fact that he is so indifferent to his own strength makes him even more admirable.

  1. Chuno and Tokyo from 2PM
  6 Male K-Pop Idols With Unbelievable Physical Strength

It is impossible to forget the time when Tokyo told that he broke a bone during arm wrestling with Chuno. Therefore, it would be unfair not to include both of them in this list. After all, and Chunoand Tokyo just too strong in themselves.

  1. Chonguk from BTS

Chonguk can quickly turn from a timid and cute member into a (still charming) sports boxer, and fans can’t resist this transformation. His incredible strength and attractive appearance further emphasize his duality.

  1. Sean from MONSTA X
  6 Male K-Pop Idols With Unbelievable Physical Strength

Power Sean is truly amazing, and the whole k-pop industry is admittedly thrilled with it. Given how hard he trains, this strength is not surprising, but still incredibly impressive.

  1. Rocky from ASTRO
  6 Male K-Pop Idols With Unbelievable Physical Strength

Rocky he is surprisingly well complex and able to control his strength, which is also evident in his speeches. In particular, his natural strength is phenomenal, which makes him even more extraordinary.

Which of the idols would you add to the list?

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