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The universe of Halo games has been alive and well for many years, and for a long time of its existence has been able to take root in many other areas of popular culture, including books, comics, and now a full-fledged series from Paramount. The Halo series, judging by the Rotten Tomatoes aggregator, gets good ratings for adapting the game universe: 68% of the “freshness” looks really fresh against, say, the ratings of the film on Assassin’s Creed or numerous “Abodes of Evil”.

And, since it’s time to watch Halo, why not read Halo? Especially since the series of books on the game is quite extensive, so that their plots can both present their views on the events of a particular game, and in general to expand readers’ understanding of this world. We have selected six novels about Halo, which may be of interest to both fans of the game and viewers of the new series, which premiered in late March.

Falling Limit

Prequel games Halo: Combat Evolvedwith which the universe began Hello. In this book, we meet Master Chief (also known as John-117), a Spartan of the second generation of supersoldiers. In the series from Paramount his role is played by Paul Schreiber.

The task of the Master Chief is to protect the Limit, which is the final frontier, stopping the formidable Covenant opposing humanity. The end of this task will not be a surprise for those who are familiar with the universe Hello – however, the very title of the novel already says a lot.


The novel “Flood” is a retelling of the very first game Halo: Combat Evolved, i.e. converting her script into prose. “The Flood” tells about the fate of the surviving defenders of the Frontier, which, as you have already understood, suffered an unenviable fate.

The focus is again on Master Chief and with him Captain Keys, who also appears in the series Hello (His role is played by Danny Sapani). And the place of action becomes a mysterious and dangerous halo, which gave the name Hello (translated from English halo, halo).

A quiet storm

A story from ancient times, when the war with the Covenant was just starting. At the heart of the story is Master Chief again: he and his Spartan comrades must gain the time it takes humanity to gather and analyze all possible information about a new enemy.

But the situation is further complicated by domestic political problems that threaten to destroy the union of people.

Harvest contact

And again we take a step back, complementing the history of the Halo universe. This is a novel about the first contact of mankind with the Covenant, which took place on the planet called Harvest. It used to be a peaceful agricultural colony on the outskirts of human-inhabited space – and it was the first to be hit when a human cargo ship collided with aliens.

Broken circle

In the novel “Broken Circle” the plot makes a sharp turn and rushes to the little-known territory of the Covenant: yes, it is the story of alien enemies of mankind, the story of their unification and division, prophets and elites. These events occurred long before the war between humans and covenants, but influenced all subsequent actions.

Cryptum. The Saga of the Forerunners. Book 1

The novel “Cryptum” stands out from the rest of the items in this collection, because it is only the first part of a trilogy about the Forerunners. Forerunners are forever inscribed in the history of the universe Hello: their power and the artifacts they created have influenced many things. Once upon a time, the Forerunners were the guarantors of peace, but every peacemaker will have a dangerous enemy …

The release of the trilogy “Saga of the Forerunners” in Russian will continue in the near future: in the summer we are waiting for the novel “Primordium”.

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