6 amazing movies that give hope for good and good

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Cinema is an amazing thing. It teaches us to empathize, resent, and sometimes even argue to the point of hoarseness about what the director wanted to say in a particular picture. And sometimes movies in difficult times just teach us to smile, be optimistic and believe that sadness and sorrow will be replaced by the ultimate and all-consuming good. Today we have selected 6 good and life-affirming films in which the concentration of good in some places goes beyond scale and instills faith in friendship and love between people.

Merry christmas

Year of issue: 2005

Director: Christian Carion

Who filmed: France, Great Britain, Germany, Belgium, Romania

War is a wild meat grinder that systematically grinds thousands of lives, cities, good plans and intentions. However, even in this hellish cycle, a humane attitude of life can be seen. This is the case in his film “Merry Christmas” and told the French director Christian Carion. The background of the picture is as follows. During the First World War, tired French, Scottish and German soldiers on the eve of Christmas arbitrarily refused to fight, spontaneously arranging a truce – with holiday songs, jokes and Christmas trees.

Hooked by this fact, Christian Carion shot a soulful tape about the love of man for man, despite the raging bloodshed. The film was well received by experts, nominated for many awards and in 17 years in the perception of many became a classic Christmas picture of a miracle. A miracle that was almost impossible to believe, but it happened right on the front line. And it was not the politicians who redrawn the map, but the ordinary people who were forced to find themselves with rifles in the trenches.

Forrest Gump

Year of issue: 1994

Director: Robert Zemekis

Who filmed: USA

In the 1990s, Robert Zemekis managed to paint a sentimental and good picture, which, I think, a priori can not cause rejection and rejection. Well, or just I have not met such people. “Forrest Gump” is a set of unusual stories about a harmless man, told by him, sitting on a bench. According to these fables, which listen carefully to passers-by, Gump becomes a participant in extremely important events for the United States. Thanks to his perseverance, despite his health problems, Forrest began running, taught Elvis Presley to dance, became a successful athlete, won the table tennis of unsurpassed Chinese, rescued his comrades during the war, attended a pacifist rally and even became a businessman. In the world of Gampa, played wonderfully by Tom Hanks, success is achieved solely through kindness, love, personal perseverance without any careerism.

Zemekis, of course, managed to create the image of a man who is difficult to meet in real life. He acts without any selfish motives and does everything without regard to his own benefit. Forrest Gump is a simple-minded optimist who never gives up, despite even the most difficult obstacles in his path. Critics almost unanimously praised the film, calling Tom Hanks’ character a great character for the difficult 1990s, preaching a set of ideal masculine qualities – courage, honesty and loyalty.

In addition, “Forrest Gump”, which won five Oscars at once, had a strong influence on the world mass culture, and the aphorism “Life is like a box of chocolates.” You Never Know What You’ll Get ”is one of the 100 most quoted phrases from cinema according to the American Film Institute. A wonderful tape about the belief in human honesty and kindness to watch at a time when these concepts, due to certain events and actions, are questioned by some.

“The Adventures of Paddington”

Year of issue: 2014

Director: Paul King

Who filmed: France, Great Britain

Eight years ago, the extremely popular British bear cub Paddington – the protagonist of a series of books by English writer Thomas Michael Bond – moved from the pages of books to the TV screen, becoming the main character in Paul King’s family comedy. What’s going on in it? In the primeval and mysterious forests of Peru, a traveler from London suddenly finds an unknown species of bears that are very fond of sweets (especially marmalade sandwiches), and they are teachable and can even speak English.

As a result, many years later, after the death of his uncle-guardian, one of the Peruvian bears moves to cool London, where he tries to find a new family and gets into all sorts of adventures. It turned out to be a kind of sweet tale about kindness and humanity, which can be seen alone and with children in the family circle. The film, by the way, became so popular that three years later came its sequel, in which Paddington tries to find a job and earn a gift for his aunt from Peru.

Green Paper

Year of issue: 2018

Director: Peter Farrelli

Who filmed: USA

The United States in the middle of the last century was still far from fully accepting African Americans into public life, and in some regions people were still severely discriminated against on the basis of skin color. And in order not to face problems, many motorists were advised to use the “Green Book” – a guide that listed certain motels and eateries for African Americans. Armed with such a book and hiring a “white” driver and bodyguard Frank Vallelong (Viggo Mortensen), jazz musician Don Shirley (Mahershala Ali) went on tour in the South American states. The film is based on a real story that took place in the 1960s.

The main characters on the road for a long time can not find a common language, swear and argue. However, seeing the hatred and disdain for some people, Frank changes his attitude towards the boss and begins to support him in all the fights that Shirley gets into, and the sophisticated Don helps the rude and rude bodyguard to write deeply sentimental letters to his wife.

Peter Farrelli has long specialized in typical American comedies with Jim Carrey such as “Dumb and Dumb” and “Me, Me and Irene Again”, but here he managed to create a curious mix: at the same time funny, sad and deep movies about the manners that reigned recently in America. This unexpected rebirth brought the director many awards and hit the top ten US films of 2018 according to the American Film Institute. Thanks to what? Farrelli is not talking about a victory over racism and that it has been eradicated and turned into rubbish, and everyone has become kind and educated. No. He simply and intelligibly tells a separate story of the relationship, in which, against the background of general madness, paradoxical order and understanding are established for someone. Yes, the picture is fabulous in places and ends with a relatively playful episode that Shirley comes to the Vallelong family for Christmas, but many of us believe in a good miracle, and that to some extent the world can be changed through normal human relationships.

“Beautiful day next door”

Year of issue: 2019

Director: Mariel Heller

Who filmed: USA

In the last 7 years, Mariel Heller has made three rather ambiguous and curious films. First she told about a teenage girl (“Teenage Girl’s Diary”) who started dating her mother’s boyfriend, then the story of an impoverished writer (“Can you forgive me?”), Because of money problems she forged letters from dead celebrities. And in 2019, her astonishing film “A Beautiful Day Next Door” was released.

What is she talking about? The mega-popular children’s program “Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood” has been shown on TV in the United States for 33 years. In short, it’s something like “Good night, kids” and “Lullabies”. In this program, children were taught kindness and responsiveness, told useful tips, sang songs and showed scenes with dolls. As a result, the neat and charming Rogers, reminiscent of a cute grandfather on the screens, turned into a total good guy, who was not averse to joke in entertaining talk shows.

And when the tough and rude investigative journalist Lloyd Vogel (Matthew Reese) was commissioned by Esquire to write about Rogers (played by the same Tom Hanks), he took it as a strange and ridiculous joke. But in the end, acquaintance with the character of the children’s program dramatically affected his life. Rogers turned out to be as good-natured and empathetic as his television prototype. During conversations with Vogel, he often interrupted the conversation and began to ask Lloyd about his personal life. As a result, Rogers persuaded him to reconcile with his father, and the editor’s article was so popular with the editor that it became the main text of the November 1998 issue.

What did Rogers do? In plain language, unrelated to religion, he told Lloyd about love of neighbor, the value of each person, and how important it is when we can forgive someone by forgetting unpleasant stories. Even if you are hurt so that the offense of a burning splinter sits inside your whole life. One of my colleagues said that after watching Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood, you immediately want to do good deeds. It seems to me that after this film I just do not want to do bad, which in our time can also be regarded as a victory. Take a look at this thoughtful and serious tape. I don’t think you’ll regret it.

“Peanut Falcon”

Year of issue: 2019

Directors: Tyler Nilsson and Mike Schwartz

Who filmed: USA

Friendship has no boundaries. There are only our prejudices and stereotypes that prevent us from perceiving reality without too much husk. This is what the directorial tandem of Tyler Nilsson and Mike Schwartz, who made the amazing film Peanut Falcon three years ago, tells us. This is a picture in which the fisherman Tyler (Shaya Labaf) and Zach (Zach Gottzagen), a guy with Down syndrome, who ran away from a nursing home, become friends. Each of them is running away from something: Tyler has destroyed the tackle of competitors, and Zack is chasing a dream and wants to go to wrestling school to his idol, a fighter nicknamed Salty Redneck. Against the background of this plot, a story unfolds about a real friendship, which could hardly be believed in real life.

By the way, actor Zach Gotzagen with Down Syndrome in 2020 became the first person with such a disease to perform at the Oscars, and the Associated Press a year earlier named him the most groundbreaking artist. A great example of the fact that there are no obstacles to achieving your goals and realizing your dream. They are only in our beliefs.

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