57-year-old Irina Agibalova danced in a tight-fitting dress

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Ex-participant of the reality show Irina Agibalova pleased fans with a little impromptu.

Irina Agibalova. Photo: social networks

The most famous TV grandmother “Houses-2”, 57-year-old Irina Агибалова in his years he looks great. She is slender, well-groomed and good-looking.

Irina Agibalova loves to show results work over himself to the fans.

The ex-participant of the reality show decided to please them with her new dance. Irina Agibalova admitted that she loves to move to music.

It lifts her spirits. Irina Agibalova shared her wonderful mood and positivity with her subscribers.

She showed how to dance to a song performed by Julia Mikhalchik.

“Oh, don’t live without loving me,” sings the vocalist.

Irina Alexandrovna moves smoothly like a swan in time to the music, drawing her heart in the air with her hands.

“At the moment,” Irina Agibalova signed the frame.

For the dance, Irina Agibalova wore a dress in a horizontal stripe, which repeats the contours of her slender figure.

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