56-year-old Anastasia protected her family from shame

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The actress has already divided the property between her heirs.

Singer Anastasia Mintskovskaya is not one of the stars of domestic show business who neglects her will. The star does not hide that she made her first will in the middle of zero, but then decided to make some changes to it. According to the actress, a trip to the notary helped her protect her family from imminent shame.

Anastasia admitted that she saw a lot of talk shows, where once “noble and educated people turn into insects” for the sake of inheritance. In order not to repeat the fate of Alexander Gradsky, the star decided to dispose of his property in advance. The musician did not leave a will, and therefore, as they say on the Internet, between his relatives began a real struggle for the property he acquired.

As the singer noted in the show “Enough rumors!“, Her relatives will not have to find out the relationship because of property issues. The celebrity divided the property between her husband Vladimir, an adult daughter from her first marriage Anna, stepson Sasha and two young grandchildren – Arseny and Stepan. Anastasia stressed that she took care of her family, so now it is much easier for her to think about the future.

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