5 female K-pop groups that gained popularity after the viral funk

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In some cases, the viral funky video of the member led to a surge in popularity of the whole group. Here are five women’s groups that became famous thanks to a viral video shot, including by fans.

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EXID debuted under AB Entertainment in 2012. At that time, the group had a failed start, which eventually led to the company’s financial crisis. But in June 2014, they moved to Banana Culture, under whose wing they released their track “Up & Down”. Initially, the song was not a success until October of the same year as the funk Hani became viral. Thanks to this video, the song hit the music charts, and the band was able to perform. Eventually, this led to the rise of their careers, and they were saved from possible disbandment. Then EXID became one of the most iconic women’s groups of the third generation.


Debut GFRIEND in 2015 was a failure, and the band became known to more K-pop fans only after the funk Yuju from a performance with “Me Gustas Tu” gained viral popularity. It was not her appearance or skills that became popular, but her determination and professionalism. In viral funcam Yuju fell on stage about eight times during the entire performance, but she got up and continued to dance. Fortunately, Yuju finished the performance without serious injuries and left the stage with a smile.


AOA gained popularity domestically after their debut, but the band attracted more members to its fandom after the viral funk Hejong with “Mini Skirt”. In addition to appearance and skills, Hejong also attracted attention with its impressive body proportions, which were praised even by women.

Brave Girls

Brave Girls were a “forgotten” female group. But thanks to their viral video, consisting of fans from their performances in the army, they were able to rise to fame. Their song “Rollin ‘”, released in 2017, topped several charts and became one of the most popular songs in 2021. During the indefinite break, which almost led to the disbandment of the group, Brave Girls returned as part of the quartet and are now enjoying great success in Korea and abroad.


In February 2022, another women’s group became famous for its funk. Funky Tsuki from Billlie since performing with “GingaMingaYo” has become popular on Twitter and YouTube. The young idol girl attracted the attention of K-pop fans with her behavior on stage. Many idols prefer to look serious on stage, but Tsuki the other. Her facial expressions perfectly conveyed the bizarre concept of the song. After this funky became popular, y Billlie more fans have appeared, and now they are on their way to taking their place in the fourth generation of idols.

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