5 books on brain structure

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“Unthinkable: a journey through the strangest brains in the world. The Neurological Revolution from Oliver Sachs to the Present Day, ”Helen Thomson

Yes, our brain has incredible capabilities, but still most people work more or less the same. However, sometimes failures occur, and then the brain begins to produce tricks that shock.

Helen Thompson has spent her life studying unusual brain properties that have occurred in humans as a result of injuries, shocks or other emergencies. Here is a person who remembers every, even the smallest detail that he encounters during the day. How does he live with so many memories? Here is a girl who can not navigate in space, she constantly thinks that all objects change places, and she does not understand where she is. And here is a man who sees not only the person in front of him, but also his aura. All these are not characters from fantasy films, but real people, whose stories are told in great detail and fascinating by the author of this book. It literally expands consciousness. Reading it, we understand how incredible our brain is and what enticing and at the same time frightening possibilities it hides in itself.

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