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Together with the service MTS Books we continue to acquaint you with the best of the world of literature. This time we will tell about cool stories about teenagers who are read in one breath and are now very popular with book lovers of all ages. By the way, many works of the selection have audio versions on the site MTS Books – choose which format is more convenient for you.

Sally Rooney “Normal People”


The book, which became a hit immediately after its release, and based on its plot was almost immediately shot and the series. This is one of the most high-profile novels about teenagers, which is now very popular.

“Normal people” tell, if in general terms, about first love. But not the romanticized one, of sweet dramas and tender novels, but the real one – complex, changeable and a little clumsy. The main characters of the book – Connell and Marianne – are very different, but very attractive to each other people. Their relationship is constantly complicated by Marianne’s childhood trauma and her severe psychological condition. This is a story about how people can both hurt each other and heal each other. A good book that can be mastered in just a couple of evenings.

Celesta Ing “Everything I Didn’t Say”


Another debut work by another young writer, which was highly praised by both literary critics and readers from around the world.

At the center of the plot is a Chinese family living in the United States, who one day loses her teenage daughter Lydia. Lydia, who had always been such a good girl and had so many hopes. The plot of the novel gradually unfolds excerpts from the life of the girl and her parents, which are designed to form a puzzle and help to understand – so what happened? And if Lydia did it herself, what was the reason for the terrible act?

“Everything I Didn’t Say” is a sad book. But it describes such a simple tragedy of everyday life, which can become close to many people. The transition age, which is sometimes difficult, the love of parents that can destroy, the traumas that are so difficult to live – all this is very common – but also interesting.

Emma Klein “Girls”

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This story, written by the young American writer Emma Klein, is based on real events that took place in a hippie commune in the United States in the 60s of last century. In the center of the plot – 14-year-old Evie, who has almost no friends, a boring life and a bunch of complexes on top. One day, Evie meets the company of her peers, and they seem to the main character very cool and relaxed. Evie gets closer to the girls – and with their help gets to the amazing ranch, which seems to be imbued with the spirit of freedom and joy. But it’s not so simple: the ranch turns out to be a sex sect, where girls fight for the attention of the leader of the commune – Russell. And he enjoys it and skillfully weaves balls of intrigue.

This book is about how important it is for us to like others and what we are willing to do for the attention of a significant person. And in the case of adolescents, who are often very trusting and vulnerable, such an experience can end very sadly. There is something to think about after reading.

Marie-Od Muray “Oh, Boy!”


Marie-Od Muray is a master of youth stories, and her novels usually leave a pleasant and uplifting aftertaste when you want to smile, and not vice versa. The same thing happens with the book “Oh, Boy!” – The writer has a very bright and good story on a very complex topic. And the plot of the book is this: three children remain orphans, and they are threatened by neither more nor less – getting into an orphanage. The boys do their best to prevent this – and suddenly they are looking for their older half-brother, who could theoretically take care of the children. Only he did not know them until now and is not at all eager to get involved in this story.

If you are fascinated by this story, we heartily recommend reading other books by Marie-Od Murai. They are just as kind and inspiring. No wonder in France, the writer’s homeland, her novels are considered absolute bestsellers and are sold in huge numbers every year.

Stephen Czboski’s “It’s Good to Be Quieter”


The protagonist of the book Charlie is so worried about the transition to high school and changes in himself that he begins to write letters to a fictional friend to let all the emotions out. What is very touching and effective at the same time – any psychologist will confirm.

This book is called one of the best novels about growing up – and for good reason. It describes in very simple and clear language the whole range of experiences that every teenager on earth has experienced at least once. Fears that you are not like everyone else and that no one accepts you, attempts to please others and the first love, which is often unresponsive – even as adults, we remember very well how it all happened to us. “We accept the love we deserve,” Stephen Czboski wrote in his novel. And this is perhaps the main quote of the work.

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