432 books on the history of the region were transferred to the Talovsky district

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432 copies of the book “Novochigol Mounds” by Voronezh historian Valery Berezutsky were transferred to the Talovsky district. This was reported to RIA “Voronezh” by the district administration on Wednesday, October 6.

The book analyzes the results of excavations of burial mounds of the Bronze Age (first half of the II millennium BC), Sarmatian time (I-II centuries BC) and the era of the Great Migration of the cemetery near the village of Novaya Chigla Talovsky district.

– Recently, books on local lore or a small homeland are published infrequently, so we are always happy with each new one. They give a sense of belonging to the common life and continuity of generations, – told RIA “Voronezh” director of the intersettlement library Elena Mukhina

130 copies were transferred to rural libraries and educational institutions of the district, 67 to the district trade union committee of employees of state institutions, and 40 books to the intersettlement library. 36 copies were given to the administration of the settlements, 15 to the local history museum and its structural subdivisions, five editions of three books to the Council of Veterans, the Society of the Disabled and the editorial office of the Talovo district newspaper Zarya (RIA Voronezh branch) were handed over to the Verkhneozersk Agricultural College .

By the way, in the summer the entire circulation of the book “Military Glory on the map of Talovsky district” transferred public institutions and organizations of the district. A total of 500 copies were published.

RIA “Voronezh” reference

Novochigolsk burial mound is located on the eastern outskirts of the Talovo village of Novaya Chigla, on the right high promontory of the Chigla River, a left tributary of the Bityug River (Don Left Bank).

In the cemetery there are 28 hemispherical mounds with small mounds: the diameter of most of them does not exceed 10-20 m, height – 0.1-0.5. Excavations of the burial mounds began in 2021 and continue today. During this period, 16 burial mounds were investigated, which, in addition to the burials of the Bronze Age (mainly catacomb archeological culture), contained 14 burials of the Middle Sarmatian culture (Middle Sarmatian period) of the beginning of the I – II centuries. N. e.

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