4 good books about love that are worth reading this summer

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In my favorite book by Hemingway, To Have or Not to Have, one of the characters utters very simple and important words: “One person cannot. It is impossible now to have one person. All the same, one person can’t do a damn thing. ”

Now we talk so much about self-sufficiency and maintaining borders that we sometimes overdo it. Love is too complex a feeling to be completely orderly, to deprive a certain amount of recklessness, vulnerability, even sometimes dependence on a loved one.

It is not surprising that fiction writers, psychologists and philosophers try to unravel the secret of love and derive a magic formula. For some reason, such books are especially well read in the summer.

According to one poll, the leader among holiday works is Erich Fromm with his “The Art of Loving”, but there are other, no less worthy books.

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