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Fiction about space has been popular with readers for many decades, but it can be very difficult for authors and works to navigate this sea (in this galaxy?). Therefore, we have selected 3 great stories in the genre of space opera, which are not at all similar to each other – but at the same time definitely deserve the attention of readers.

Coals of war

The Coals of War trilogy is a non-standard space opera. Yes, there are many references to violence, and one of the main characters is “Evil Dog”, an intergalactic heavy cruiser of the “predator” class, which participated in the war between two major human groups – but “Coals of War”, however, are anti-war a work whose characters recall the past with undisguised horror.

The story begins with the Angry Dog and its crew, who have moved to the side of the world: now it is a ship carrying out humanitarian missions – for example, helping to save the victims of the crash. During one of these rescue operations, the Evil Dog and its captain, Sal Konstanz, encounter the dangerous fauna of an alien planet after a strange shipwreck, and then receive a distress signal – and also quite strange. Will the bonfire of war break out again?

The Avengers

Of all the selections, this is probably the “easiest” story – and even more interesting that it was written by a follower of “hard” fiction Alastair Reynolds, a former astrophysicist. “The Avengers” is a trilogy about pirate adventures in vast space, where it is so easy to get lost in the heroines of the trilogy, the sisters Adran and Fure Ness.

The sisters’ stellar adventures begin with the need to earn money, which is why they are hired on Captain Rakamor’s pirate solar sailboat. Many misfortunes will await them in the infinite space, because hunting for other people’s treasures is a dangerous thing.

House of the Sun.

The real attack of clones, only they do not attack, but them. An unknown enemy has launched a hunt for the Bitter Line, the House of Flowers, consisting of thousands of male and female Abigail Gentian clones. This line has existed for six million years, during which it has managed to develop its own technology to an almost divine level. Unfortunately, even high technology is not able to rid the line of enemies – but there are other ways to deal with this scourge…

The novel “House of the Sun” with the adjacent stories “Nights of Belladonna” and “Thousand Nights” shows not only amazing pictures of the distant future, but also reveals the good old life problems, from which there is no escape even clones traveling through space.

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