3 reasons why the fate of the real Alexandra Anastasia Lisowska-Sultan is not envied by anyone

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The series did not reveal everything that the Russian concubine faced.

The main heroine of “The Magnificent Century” did not leave indifferent any spectator, having managed to overcome many obstacles on the way to power. However, some details of Alexandra Anastasia Lisowska’s life remained behind the scenes. But they could turn the performance of fans of the series into a “fairy tale” in which the heroine found herself.

It turned out that there are three reasons not to envy the fate of the real Roxolana.

The first of them is Topkapi Palace, which was a place much scarier than it was shown in The Magnificent Century. The severed heads hung on the columns, the executioners washed their hands in a special fountain after the executions, and it was better not to go into the courtyard during the cleansing of the unwelcome.

The second reason is the inability to be alone. Dozens of servants were assigned to the sultan’s wife, his relatives and himself, so that Alexandra Anastasia Lisowska-sultan could never be alone, even for a minute.

Known to viewers, but no less reasonable reason to sympathize with Roxolana was the loss of sons. Even before her enthronement, Selima Alexandra Anastasia Lisowska survived the deaths of three of her children: Abdullah, Mehmet and Jihangir.

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