3 books you need to have time to read on the weekend

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“What the deceased said”
Ioanna Khmelevskaya
Joanna, an architect by profession, decided to work part-time in Denmark, where her best friend Alicia lives after marriage. However, relatives know that the audacious lady seems to be asking for dubious adventures. This time, too, the gambler Joanna, deciding to tickle her nerves with roulette after her success on the run, witnesses a shootout at an illegal Copenhagen casino, and a mortally wounded man confides a mysterious cipher to her… The deceased’s accomplices are ready She is in serious danger, but the lady is a tough nut to crack and does not intend to give up.

“Murder in time”
Julie McElwen

Kendra Donovan is a rising FBI star. But on the career ladder, she stumbles and miraculously survives when a traitor kills half of her team. How
only Kendra gets to her feet, her only goal is a “rat”. The search leads to England. in the ancient castle of Elridge. The plan is flawless, and it seems
Kendra is about to drive the criminal into a corner. But here is a misfire, and Kendra falls into darkness.
She won’t wake up soon. Or rather, she woke up a long time ago – in 1815, where she wields her brutal killer. But how to look for him, if in the XIX century Kendra can only count on the position of a maid?
Deprived of the usual tools, she will have to use extremely cold logic to solve the crime and bring order to the space-time continuum.

Caroline Kepnes

Joe Goldberg, a bookstore salesman, is a very difficult guy. Well, that is how difficult… Not like everyone else. So for the most part he is alone. Well, that is, as one… From time to time he falls in love with interesting girls, each time believing that he has found the perfect relationship. But every time it turns out that the ideal is still unattainable, and Joe breaks up with the girls. Well, that’s how he leaves… Let’s say they leave his life. But finally he found HER. He learned everything about her. Well, that is, like everything… ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING. It is like an open book to him. Now there can be no mistake – this love must be perfect. It remains only to convince the chosen one. Well, that is how to convince…

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