3 books that you need to have time to read on the weekend

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Review from MBUK of the city of Magadan CBS for readers of MagadanMedia.

“Prince of Light”
Roger Iron
This happened after the destruction of the Earth. On one of the distant planet-colonies, a group of people came to power who, using the achievements of science, achieved immortality and began to rule their world as the Gods of the Hindu pantheon. But at the same time they remained human – in the literal sense of the word, retaining human feelings and desires, despite the unlimited opportunities they acquired. And it is unknown whether they got better… “Prince of Light” – a favorite work of Roger Iron himself – was awarded the prestigious Hugo Prize and was named one of the greatest novels of the twentieth century.

“Midnight Rose”
Lucinda Riley
In the novel “Midnight Rose” among the glittering palaces of Indian Maharajas and majestic houses of British aristocrats unfolds the story of life
commoner girls named Anahita, whose path from the princess’s companion to the young lover’s lover is filled with amazing adventures, the consequences of which will occupy the minds of descendants even half a century later, becoming a turning point

Alexander Fomichev
In those troubled times of Ancient Russia, when the cult of the old gods flourished everywhere in the vast possessions of proud and freedom-loving Russians, divided into many small principalities, lived a mighty warrior Ratibor. He was hot-tempered and strong as a brown bear, but hot and indomitable as a volcano that had just woken up, which kept him in all sorts of trouble, which he was very happy about, because he loved these troubles almost as much as well. roasted piglet with a mug of good kvass … What threat loomed over the glorious city of Mirgrad? What kind of ruthless enemy is at his gate? What dangerous adventures will our hero and his close friends embark on, like in a pool of heads? You will learn about all this by reading the story of Ratibor from the Rus tribe…

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