3 books that you need to have time to read on the weekend

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“Lord Huxley’s Assistant”

Delia Rossi

The house was sold with a hammer, there was almost no money left, and work in the capital is not common nowadays. And suddenly – rare luck! I saw the announcement of Lord Huxley, one of the richest and most unpredictable aristocrats in South Webster. He needed an assistant, and I was going to get a place, no matter what it cost me! Who knew that the price might be too high? And that you will have to pay it to the last weight.

“Trap of come true nightmares”

Natalia Tymoshenko, Lena Obukhova

Recently, the staff of the Institute for the Study of the Unexplained has not been very lucky: first, Wojciech got stuck in an unusual dream, then Nev disappeared without a trace. But their troubles do not end there, and soon one of the Institute’s employees dies under mysterious circumstances. The investigation promises to be one of the most difficult and dangerous, because ahead is the finale, to which the heroes went for many years. Will they be able to calculate and defeat the killer before anyone else dies? Is it possible to resist your own nightmares?

“It is necessary to live with dignity: Oleg Kuvaev”

Vyacheslav Ogryzko

According to him, Oleg Kuvaev dedicated his work to people of rare formation. He himself was a rare man who subordinated his life primarily to work. His novel “Territory” has become a cult book for thousands and thousands of teenagers of several generations. But much is still unknown about the writer.
Literary historian Vyacheslav Ogryzko believes that it is time to collect all Kuvaev’s publications and materials about Kuvaev, to compile a chronicle of the writer’s life, to identify the novelist’s circles of communication so that future researchers can create a complete biography of one of the bright “sixties”.
On the other hand, this index can be considered as a kind of guide to the life and work of Oleg Kuvaev.

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