3 books that you need to have time to read on the weekend

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Review from MBUK of the city of Magadan CBS for readers of IA MagadanMedia

“Month behind the Rubicon”

Sergey Lukyanenko

Continuation of the series “Changed” – in the new book “The Moon Behind the Rubicon”. The Second Call turned Maxim Vorontsov into a Defender and sent Nest to Saelma. In the camp of the Changed, he is carefully examined by doctors, but they have no idea. And so he goes to a training camp and begins to undergo military training. Ever since Maxim became Changed, he has had a superpower. Now he can mentally communicate with the Nests. And not only with his own, but with anyone. This feature makes him a rather dangerous enemy in battle. In addition, Vorontsov now deftly walks on the walls and ceiling, to neutralize the poisons inside his body, to grow new organs and muscle mass. New abilities came in handy for the protagonist – classes in the camp are quite tough. Throwing eight on one during training is quite a normal practice. But Maxim manages to pass the test and prove that he is not the weakest link in the team. The protagonist has a long way to go. And in the end he has to meet with his opponents in a fierce final battle. The stakes are very high – who will win?


Erofey Trofimov

Life is a strange thing. You seem to survive as best you can. You don’t touch anyone. And one day you interfere in your business and find yourself unclear where, and not in your body. So it happened with Matthew. An invalid of the war in Afghanistan was not afraid to stand across the road from the new masters of life and was killed. Waking up in a new body, he suddenly realized that he was in a completely different time. In the Caucasus, and even during the Russo-Turkish war. And most importantly, he is now a ancestral Cossack…

“Geological monuments of the North-East of Russia. Magadan region and Chukotka Autonomous Okrug”

Author of the idea: Yuri Pruss

Atlas “Geological Monuments of Northeast Russia. Magadan Region and Chukotka Autonomous Okrug” contains systematic information on the most interesting and significant geological objects of the territory, which are of scientific, cognitive and aesthetic value, being the most important elements of the natural landscape.

The publication is intended for geologists of general profile, local historians, ecologists, tourists and all citizens of Russia and foreign countries who are interested in the preservation of natural heritage.

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