2nd victory of STAYC with “RUN2U” at Music Bank + performances by BTOB, NMIXX, TEMPEST and others

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In the episode of the show Music Bank from March 4 became nominees for the first place STAYC with «RUN2U» and NMIXX with «OO». STAYC won their second victory with the song «RUN2U», scored 6,821 points. IN NMIXX – 4,705 points.

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In this week’s episode they performed CLASSY, CRAXY, NMIXX, Rocking doll, STAYC, TEMPEST, TRENDZ, VANNER, Rocket Punch, LUMINOUS, BLACK LEVEL, BTOB, Son Ha Ye, Wonho, Double Decker, JWiiver, Cherry Bullet and Hon Yi Jin.

See the announcement of the winner and the encore performance below:

See the performances of the artists below:

Double Decker – «When love Stays Idle»

LUMINOUS – «All eyes down»

TRENDZ – Villain

CRAXY – «Dance with God»

JWiiver – Jtrap


BLACK LEVEL – Infection

TEMPEST – Bad News

Rocking Doll – Heart Rider

Son Ha Ye – «winter rain»

Hon Yi Jin – “The 8th Spring”

VANNER – Rollin

Rocket Punch – «CHIQUITA»

Cherry Bullet – «Love in Space»

Wonho – “EYE ON YOU”

BTOB – «The Song»



Congratulations STAYC!!

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