26 children committed suicide in the Rostov region in a year, another 80 tried

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6 victims – students of colleges and technical schools, 1 teenager studied at the Sedov Institute of Water Transport. Most of the children were schoolchildren. The youngest went to the fourth grade in Rostov.

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The document states that 11 victims lived in single-parent families – some buried their fathers, others survived their parents’ divorce and deprivation of parental rights. One of the dead girls studied at a sports boarding school, where she lived. She was 13 years old, and she could not adapt to life without a family, the authors write.

“All of these teenagers were characterized by isolation, secrecy, shyness, the desire not to be intrusive, a limited circle of close friends, distant relationships with others, blocking the ability to receive timely support and assistance,” the document said.

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