LIVE – Lens-OL: Sotoca finds the goal in the penalty kick and opens the scoring for the locals

Double change in Lens

Striker Sotoka and midfielder Fofana are making way for Boska and Onana.

The Small Extranet of Claude Morris

The lens continues to attack. Far from the surface and to the left, Claude Maurice attempts the shot, but finds Lopez’s small outer net.

Sotoka opens the interface

Sotoka comes against Lopez. Pull hard to the left. Lopez is fingertip touching but very strong. Opens the scoring lens.

Lens penalty kick after a handball by Mendes

Away from the penalty area but located in the middle, Cabot hit a long free kick to find Medina. The ball found Mendes, but the latter defends with his hand. Lens penalty.

Frankowski enters Lens

Active on the left, Machado exited.

Sotoka punished

Sotoka received a yellow card after a big call with Henrique.

repeatedly attached crucial

Lopez is still decisive. In the middle, Said fired hard, but the goalkeeper withdrew the display to save Lyon from the opening game.

Lopez saved through his post

In the position of the right wing, Abdel-Samad repays Capote. He tries a curling shot that finds Lopez’s column.

Change in Lyon with the newcomer

Kumbedi discovers Ligue 1 and replaces Tagliafico. Shirky leaves for Rennes, Adelaide. While Lacazette was replaced by Barcola.

Openda and Da Costa come out on the Lensois side

Said and Claude Maurice enter.

Try the new city

Capote leads the attack. Next to him makes the difference and returns to the rooftop entrance to Medina. The defender takes his chance, but it is answered again.

Sotoka stumbles in Lyon’s defense

In the central circle, Cabot recovers and passes to Sotoca. The latter tries to pass to the right but is taken over by Lyonnais.

Samba playing with fire against Lacazette

Oh the samba fear that controls before it kicks. Lacazette goes to the dry cleaners and is about to get the ball back. But the doorman gets away with it.

Da Costa Unframed Cover

On a penalty kick, da Costa tries to recover and misses Lopez’s goals. The Lensois still lacks subtlety in the last nod.

Haidara crucified against Toko-Ekambi

Toko-Ekambi tries to dig deeper to find himself facing Samba, but Haïdara outruns the Brazilian and clears the skin.

A very complicated match for Tite

He’s been visible since the start of the season, and Tite didn’t see the light of day in this shock. Like Danso’s authoritarian intervention on the Brazilian.

Another action from Openda

On the left, Openda stares at Henrique. The Belgian enters the box and hits. His attempt crashed and Lopez lay down to stop the whip.

Lyon mode difficulty

Leon is forced to develop very low to the ground. Long balls are attempted to find the attackers, but the Lens defender is always there to recover.

Abdel Samad is very active in the midfield

Abdul Samad prevails in the middle. He recovers and passes left to Machado. Sotoka central defense but Lyonnais leaves a corner kick.

Abdul Samad is trying his luck

Once again, Cabot takes a corner. The skin is found at the entrance to the deck, and Abdul Samad tries the shot but is repelled.

Sotoka grabs a free kick from Lacazette

On the right, Lacazette takes a free kick that looks like a heart, but Sotoka clears with a header.

The lens is restarted very aggressively

In the middle of the circle, the eastern loses a duel against Abdul Samad. Lens plays forward, but Mendes softens his defence. Lensois took this meeting with great force.

Already head on between Openda and Lopes

Openda already uses EZ. Found at the rear, Openda is a little off center on the right hits from the right but Lopes lies down and turns into a corner. Cabot shoots him but the skin is off limits.

Let’s go to the second chapter

The match was slow to deliver offensive moves, but the 22 players finished the first chapter well. Especially the locals. It’s time to heal.

It’s the rest in Bolert

It’s the break in Bollert. At the moment, it was Lingo who controlled the ball and were the most dangerous. Although Lacazette found a samba model. It’s still 0-0.

Lopez shines again

What a flick from Lopez. On the right, Cabot crosses again for Openda. Head on target but Lopez deflects with one click. The Belgian was offside anyway.

A mix between Machado and Obenda

On the left, Machado makes a good cross for Ubanda. The Belgian leads the way but surpasses Lopez’s goals.

The beautiful corridor of my company

Oh Shirky’s laser pass that nearly fooled the eye’s defense vigil. Tite is close to recovering in the area, but Samba has come out well.

Caqueret’s dangerous loss of the ball

Loss of a Caqueret ball in the central circle. Da Costa gains a metre, moves to the left towards Ubanda, but suffers from Diomandi’s return.

Lopez decisive against Medina

What a rescue from Lopez who saves Leon. The city is found in the hub by Openda, the Argentine strikes but Lopes quickly gets out and stops.

The hot situation in the Lyon region

Fired by da Costa, Upenda sprints to the left and crosses to find a striker in the middle. The ball passes, Capote rushes to recover, but Lopez catches the ball.

Mendes fights against da Costa

Da Costa Encore is launched by Openda. The striker passes in front of Thiago Mendes who had to make the mistake to avoid seeing Lincois leave alone. Capote fired the free kick but it did nothing.

Da Costa’s failed technical move

Oh da Costa, who misses his artistic gesture against Lopez. After a good cross from the defender Linsoua, the striker is on the ball. He enters the rooftop and finds himself face to face with Lopez. But the lens tries to make an artistic gesture and misses the ball.

Yellow card for Tagliafico

For a foul on Abdel-Samad, the side is the first player to be punished in this meeting.

Lacazette is close to opening registration

Lacazette is very close to the opening of registration. The striker fired by Caqueret tries to shoot at the entrance to the roof. The shot was ignored and Samba crossed the crossbar.

A big battle between Lacazette and Danso

Almost in the center circle, Mendez appears in the foreground. Lacazette struggles to restore the skin. But in the duel with Danso, the attacker makes the mistake and lets the locals escape.

Unframed Danso Head

On the right, Cabot put a corner on Danso’s head in the axle. The defender’s attempt passes over Lopez’s cages.

Big fight between Openda and Diomande

Openda Diomandé moves to a duel. But lonely on the left, the Belgian sees the defender returning the favour, without making a mistake.

Possession of the lens but some dangerous situations

After about 20 minutes into the match, Lens had possession of the ball but struggled to create dangerous situations in the Lyon area. We are at 63% vs. 37%

The important intervention of Dimandi

Nice intervention from Diomandi who avoids seeing Openda delve deeper into Anthony Lopez’s challenge. In the next corner, Lacazette advances away.

Boss instructions for oriental

Not in sight at the start of the match, Shirky was called to Bosz’s request. The latter wants Lyonnais to step back a bit to touch more balls.

Bad through pass from Sharqi

Very bad pass for my partner in the middle to Toko Ekambi. Lens wants to respond but Henrique makes the mistake to avoid a potentially dangerous situation.

Lyon begins to enter the game

For a few minutes, it was Lyon in particular who was aggressive and began to catch the ball more and more. In Lens, we’re basically trying to go left with Machado.

Lacazette benefits from losing the ball in the lens

After losing the Lensoise ball near the surface, Lacazette enters and fires a shot. But Hydra turns into a corner. The latter gives nothing.

Lens confiscates the ball in Lyon

Solid, Machado on his side beats Henrique in fencing. But again, his positioning of his attackers is very inaccurate. It was Lensois who had the ball in those first minutes.

Machado appears

On the left, Machado sends a long cross toward the slots in the hub. But the pass is too long. In the aftermath, the side was receiving a cross from Sotoca coming from the right, but it was blocked by Henrique.

Toko-Ekambi really wants to try his luck

Slightly to the left and close to the surface, Toko-Ekambi is already trying a shot that does not reach Samba. Defender Linsou replied.

Let’s go for the shock!

Starting from this shock on the ninth day of the French first division. It is Lyonnais who engages in Bollert.

“I’m starting to get impatient,” Shirky’s message to Boss

Not often lined up by Bosz, Rayan Cherki will have a good turn to play against Lens. Successful with the France Espoirs, Lyonnais recently confirmed that his impatience doesn’t really give him a chance to show himself.

More information here…

Bolert, a successful stadium in Lyon

OL will have plenty to do at Bollaert Stadium which will be just behind Lensois as usual. If the meeting place had everything from this Lyon trap match, the latter often paradoxically succeeded in the North. At Lens, Lyon have lost only once in their last 11 matches at the Layout to Lens.

Lens configuration with Fofana and Openda

The Lensois, Fofana and Openda side are good and a good carrier. Poland’s Frankowski is on the bench, and Capote appears to have been a favourite.

Samba – Medina, Danso, Hadara – Cabot, Fofana, Abdul Samad, Machado – Ubanda, Sotoka, Costa

Composition OL, with Cherki period

Lopez – Tagliafico, Diomandi, Mendes, Henrique – Cakeret, Lipinant – Cherke, Toko Ekambi, Titi – Lacazette.

Fofana’s beautiful declaration of love for fans of Linswa

Seko Fofana surprised his favorite Lens fan, a few weeks ago, with his contract extension, when it was announced he will be out during the summer transfer window. In an interview with L’Equipe, the midfielder shared all the respect he has for the fans.

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Get Leon’s reassurance as soon as possible

Despite a good start to the season, it didn’t take long for Lyon to plunge into a negative spiral. Lyon are grappling with a worrying streak of three consecutive defeats, including defeats to Monaco (2-1) and Paris Saint-Germain (0-1).

In a Bollaert that will surely be hot, Peter Bosz and his men will have the task of breaking this bad chain. At the risk of not moving in the rankings with seventh place far from being in the usual standards of OL.

Also confirms a good start to the season for Lens

Facing a squad that fights every year for a place in the Champions League, Lens has the opportunity to confirm fourth place, not allowing Lorient (third) who won his match against Lille to take the standings. If he succeeds against the Lyonnais, the northerners will return to Hake’s unit.

At the moment, Lensois has never been defeated in Ligue 1. Even if they continue to draw 0-0 against Nantes, they have previously beaten the big clubs of the tournament such as Rennes (2-1) and Monaco (1-4).

Several notable absentees in the OL . group

On this journey, Peter Boss has to do without several rather important players. He is often present in the starting line-up, and Malo Gusto, Castillo Lukiba and Corentin Tolisso do not participate in the match. Alexandre Lacazette, Tite and Maxines Caquette are still at Lens.

Lens set with Fofana but the bearer is absent

In this confrontation at Bullitt Stadium, Frank Hayes can count on a pool of 20 players. Including CEOs Seko Fofana, Florian Sotoca and Nugget Loïs Openda. But regular defensive stand Jonathan Gradette is absent due to injury.

Good evening everyone !

Welcome to RMC Sport to follow the last match on day 9 of Ligue 1 between RC Lens and Olympique Lyonnais at the Stade Bolert-Delesse. Departure at 8:45 pm.

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