Film Competition: Two Similar Stars, One Film. Who played in it? Cinema news

No, you do not see weakness! These stars look alike but will you be able to find either play in this movie?

Twins but not much with Ahmed pray And the Bertrand Osklat Released on Wednesday in our theaters. Presented at the last Comedy Film Festival in Alpe d’Huez, the film by Wilfried Menes And the Olivier Ducray Won the Audience Award from AlloCiné.

We’re giving you a quiz on what (really) similar stars are. Two actors, a movie proposal. Can you find who played in it?

Bertrand Osklat and Ahmet Sylla play twin brothers who discover, 33 years after their birth, each other’s existence… For Grégoire and Anthony, the surprise is even greater because one is white and the other is black! There was a one in a million chance of this genetic phenomenon occurring. But their skin tone is far from the only thing that sets them apart! By getting to know each other, neither of them feel like they’ve hit the jackpot…

This improbable pitch movie is inspired by a rare but real phenomenon. Producer Jerome Corcos came across an article explaining that there is a one in a million chance of giving birth to twins of different skin tones and had the idea to make a movie about them.

Director Olivier Ducray explains:A rare phenomenon! On est donc parti de là avec mon coscénariste Jean-Paul Bathany et on an ensuite imaginé l’histoire de deux frères jumeaux – l’un noir, l’autre blanc – qui ne se connaissent pas et qui se rencontrent à l’âge 33 years.

Become popular with funny videos woundsHere, Bertrand Osclat landed his first lead role in a feature film.

Fun fact, twins but not much of a same day release like Leopold Legrand’s drama Sixth child wear before Sarah Gerudo And the Benjamin Lavernewho shares some physical similarities with Bertrant Usclat.

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