Comedian, Alexandra Bizagali, who caused uneasiness in Telematine reveals that his column on the Nice attack has been verified by the show’s producer – VIDEO

Comedian Alexandra Bizagali, who caused uneasiness in Telematin, broke the silence and revealed that his column on the Nice attack had been verified by the show’s producer and “was sent to 5 people”. I did it in an interview published in Parisian Sunday evening.

Emphasizes: “I sent my column overnight, as requested. Verified. I sent it to five people, including the show producer, who endorse it. (…) For beauty, I ask the question: ‘Are we sure the temporality is good? ?”

The producer answered me: “I will not hide from you that we thought you did not make it easy for yourself to attend the premiere, but we will not ask you to rewrite it now, so go there. Go like this.”

On September 5, just before 8 a.m., comedian Alexandra Bizagali performed “Carte blanche” live at “Télématin” in France 2. We return to the trial of the Nice attack that begins today in Paris. Alexandra Pizzagali chose to invoke the murder of terrorist Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, who drove the truck that killed 86 people and injured more than 450 others.

“Salsa lover and bodybuilder—forgive me but he looks a lot like my perfect guy—looks like Ricky Martin from the Cote d’Azur, we’re checking out. He was also a very violent, sexually obsessed and animal-loving husband.”

And to add: “A very violent husband … maybe she was looking for him? By missing out on cooking or giving her opinion. Obsessed with sex, everyone has their hobbies. After all, there are many who watch Télématin. Zoophile, at the same time in Nice, there is no Only old women and Chihuahuas, and we have the right to send someone with teeth.

A few seconds later, France 2 suddenly decided to interrupt the record and broadcast an advertising page. Back on the set, Alexandra Bizagali spoke again, addressing the victims.

“I will conclude this first column on a first-class tone by addressing the victims to their families, we are with you in body and spirit. You deserve to be heard.”

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