Kelly Vidophile Furious: TPMP Columnist Kicks Off Her Hinges Because of a Hater!

Kelly Vidovilly, a Touche columnist who has not been in my position often has to deal with insulting comments or questions. Indeed, the beautiful woman is sitting Male-dominated council. However, Kelly Vidovilli is not afraid to speak her mind. So, on Tuesday, September 27, she took to her Instagram account to pay a file bravado. This isn’t the first time this has happened. We tell you everything!

Kelly Vidophile vs. the haters

Since her debut on Touche Not in My Position, the columnist has caused quite a stir after many viewers. Kelly Vidovili often has to deal with it criticism. In fact, the star’s life makes it It is constantly checked from the ground up. As a result, all his actions and gestures are found under the microscope of the haters. In spite of insulting comments for some people, The beautiful blonde knows how to defend herself He often uses his Instagram account to do this.

On Tuesday, September 27, 2022, Cyril Hanoune’s companion was a target. In fact, during the TPMP live broadcast, a netizen did not hesitate to take over his Twitter account for to process young lady. ” It’s also the ad over there that Kelly is already using on mobile for her live broadcast, aren’t we bothering you? Where is the respect? “, the latter tweeted. And that’s while Share a photo of the respective shots. A picture in which Kelly Vidophile can be seen on her phone while she is on the set Don’t touch my TV.

She pays a rant on Instagram

This tweet was enough to annoy the beautiful blonde. In fact, it is very clear AngryTherefore, the Kelly Vidophile I decided to answer. For this, the columnist decided to take her Instagram account. That is, to make a story reply to the user of the original Tweet. ” So, I want to make it clear, you jerk, that it’s also a good idea to stop harassing me on Twitter and find out. I couldn’t see anything anymore, I couldn’t stand my lenses like I told you yesterday, and I couldn’t see anything at all at the beginning of the show so I asked if they could find glasses for me to see and start entering the show any way they could because I was blind. So To accompany the photo, owned by Kelly Vidophile legend. This is by adding some emojis. middle finger “.as well as the hashtag.” #stop bullying “.

However, this is not the first time that Kelly Vidophile has done this He receives insulting messages about him. In fact, Lots of haters Take control of their social networks to reveal their disagreement with the columnist. As a result, last January, one of his followers went away, writing: “ Well, you’re beautiful, but you’re useless It doesn’t seem hard to understand that this letter could have put Kelly Vidovili in all his states. However, the columnist always seems to know self-defense And he makes his life without worrying about the eyes of others.

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