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Going back to the finale of The Return of the King, the third part of the Peter Jackson trilogy, and the hidden appearance of Narya – one of the most powerful episodes of power – that you might not have noticed.

Spoilers – Warning, the article below exposes potential spoilers. If you do not want to know the content, please do not read the following…

Nine rings for men, seven rings for dwarves, three rings for elves, and one ring for the Dark Lord.

If we had heard a lot about her at work Tolkien and triple Peter JacksonWe rarely see the Rings of Power on screen, with the exception of Alfred, who was transferred by Frodo to Mordor.

However, provided you open your eyes and know exactly where to look, it’s possible that you’ll notice some of them in the movies, especially the Elves movies.

While we are still waiting to see their conception in the series rings of strength (Available on Amazon Prime Video since September 2) Take a look at the last minutes of return of the kingand in a sequence in which we can glimpse the so-called Narya.

As Roman Pace (alias Minrao) reminds us in the video and podcast above, Narya, the Ring of Fire or Ruby, is actually transported by Gandalf to Gray Havens, when the sorcerer Valinor, along with Frodo and Bilbo, eventually begins the Lord of the Rings .

One of the three Elves episodes (along with Nenya and Vilya), Narya was designed by Mr. Smith Celebrimbor (played by Charles Edwards in the Amazon series) before being entrusted to Cìrdan and then to Gandalf.

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Unlike the Nine Men’s Rings and the Seven Dwarfs’ Rings, the Elven Rings were created without Sauron’s help, and thus he couldn’t spoil them. On the other hand, using the knowledge gained from the Dark Lord, Celebrimbor forged them. So they are in spite of everything subject to the power of Alfred.

No doubt this is why Gandalf, who uses Narya throughout the trilogy, only exercises in the end, once the person (and Sauron with him) is destroyed. However, he does make reference to Narya earlier in the saga, when he comes face to face with Balrog at The Fellowship of the Ring, and introduces himself as “the servant of the secret fire, the worker of the flame of Anwar”.

(Re)discovering the ‘Rings of Power’ trailer…

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