Free planned to offer 3 GB of data in a €2 package

Booster Option: Free Plans to offer 3 GB of data in a €2 package

It is clear that Free has planned more data on the €2 package.

As we told you this morning, Free Mobile finally offers an evolution of its €2 plan, But in the form of an option called “Booster”. For an additional €2.99 per month, subscribers to this package can take advantage of 1GB of data and unlimited calling. This option is available to subscribers who pay their package €2 but also to Freebox subscribers who pay €0.

But Free clearly imagined a larger envelope of data. In fact, by searching the page code, the Tiino-X83 discovered that the operator planned to incorporate 3 GB into this new option instead of 1 GB. If this is not the case at launch, and knowing how Free works, we can nonetheless imagine that this could be the next step for the launcher. Anyway, if the current option interests you, Univers Freebox offers it for you Tutorial to activate it.

This article was taken from the Univers FreeBox website

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