The search for freedom of a young girl became a disaster for Jane

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After the icy expanses of the North Pole at the top of the world (2015), Rémi Chayé warms his painting in the American sun of the West where the pure tradition of the genre is suddenly revived thanks to the beauty of painting.

The Far West offers a huge field of exploration, as many different landscapes follow one another. Disaster, the childhood of Martha Jane Canary She embraces her versatility with a smooth, always-moving gesture, following in the footsteps of a young heroine we know would become a legend, but who, for now, is beginning her path to adulthood.

Ten-year-old Martha Jane Canary just lost her mother. She sets out with her father and younger brothers and sisters in a caravan of wagons that should take them to Oregon, where they hope to see better days. Within this choreography, men and sons set up camp, guide and care for horses, and women and girls take care of the children, cooking and dishes. The organization hardly fits the bold character of Martha Jane, who dreams of taking the reins and running. But we are in 1863 and nothing is authorized to occupy this place.

Raw story

Sometimes the great fate is determined in detail. He changed it on the day his injured father handed him over to drive the truck. Apprenticeships are tough, and the boys scoff without pity. Never mind, Martha has never felt so free. She replaces the dress that hinders her movement with pants, cuts her hair like a boy and does not mind a fight. So that if there was a theft inside the convoy, she is the accused. Upon exiting, the little girl must continue her journey on her own, facing the dangers of the journey, and the many steps needed to build character.

The film presents a gallery of his photos, each representing a part of the history of the Far West

At the end of the story, you will be Martha Jin’s misfortune. Already a skilled racer, incredible story teller, tall cowboy. She is not a salon hostess, an Army scout, or the mistress of Buffalo Bill. This is – and it is known – not the work of the film, which aims to imagine the way in which this free, rebellious and libertarian spirit could be built in this nineteenth America.e Century, patriarchal and conservative.

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This breathtakingly epic introductory story presents its gallery of images, each embodying a piece of Far West history. But all this little world may be turbulent in all directions, it only passes through the constant cycle of seasons which in turn makes the Rocky Mountains reverberate, the wheat ripple, the fields flourish, the torrents overflow, the skies lighten, and then the sky darkens. Decorations resembling Fauvist paintings bring life to large spaces. The characters have heroic proportions.

Disaster, the childhood of Martha Jane CanaryAnimated movie by Remy Chai (fr, 2020, 82 min). broadcast on Cinema + Families Available upon request at MyCanal.

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