The death of Elizabeth II: these actresses who embodied her in cinema and series

Elizabeth II, who had an exceptionally long reign, died at the age of 96. Film and television series represented them on the screen for a long time. Photo tribute.

Undoubtedly more than any other contemporary king, Queen Elizabeth II It embodied the spirit of the British nation, in an exceptionally long-lived reign. The woman, who celebrated her platinum jubilee last June, passed away 70 years of her reign at the age of 96.

She ascended to the throne on February 6, 1952, and saw no fewer than 15 prime ministers, from Winston Churchill to Liz Truss, whom she met on September 6, 2022. An era marked by great upheavals in the sometimes tragic history of countries throughout the twentieth century. Although she has at times had to face heavy criticism from the press against the royal family, support for the monarchy and her personal popularity remain high among the British population.

Having become an icon for a long time, the king has been logically immortalized in many films and television series, including in cartoons, such as Simpson family. It is also a sign that it no longer belongs, for a long time, only to British heritage, but is universal. A historical page is turned.

Helen Mirren in “The Queen”

Pathway Distribution

Helen Mirren She won an Academy Award for Best Actress for her composition in the Queen. Later, she dressed as the Queen on stage in a play called The Audience, on Broadway and London’s West End Theatre, from 2013 to 2015.

Freya Wilson in “The King’s Speech”

Bedlam Productions

enormous Freya WilsonThe young actress who embodies Elizabeth is not yet a queen King’s speechwhich tells the touching and true story of his father, King George VI, who was not destined to rule, and is unable to speak publicly due to a stutter.

Claire Foy in “The Crown”


Claire Foy She played Queen Elizabeth II in the first two seasons of the big series the crownStreaming on Netflix. The series was created by Peter Morganscreenwriter the Queenand author of the play “The Audience” mentioned in the previous entry.

Emma Thompson in Walking The Dogs

Sky TV

In 2012, Emma Thompson She embodied the Queen in a 30-minute drama titled walking dogswho recounted the (real) storming of Buckingham Palace by an unknown person in July 1982, which ended up speaking to the Queen… before he was captured by the guards.

Queen Elizabeth II in the minions!

Universal Pictures

It’s the actress Jennifer Saunders Who gives her voice to the king in the animated film disciplesreleased in 2015.

Sarah Gadon in “A Royal Night Out”

Image range

new to us, A royal night out He recounts the celebration of Victory Day, May 8, 1945, witnessed by the two royal sisters: Elizabeth and Margaret. The future sovereignty is embodied by Sarah Gadon.

Queen Elizabeth II in Griffins!

the Fox

When we say that the queen is exported .. a new demonstration with The Griffins. It’s the actress Cate Blanchett who lent his voice to the cartoon character. Delicious little wink in passing: The actress played the role of the Queen Elizabeth in sumptuous diptych In the year 1998.

Jane Alexander

Hallmark Channel

actress Jane Alexander The Queen was portrayed in the TV movie William and Kate: A Royal Romance Broadcast in 2011, which returned to the stalemate between the Crown Prince and Kate Middleton.

Immortal… by car!

Pixar Animation Studios

Elizabeth II was embodied, dare we say, by car, in the animated film cars 2. She is the great British actress Vanessa Redgrave who gave his voice.

Rosemary Leach


British actress Rosemary LeachShe, who died in 2017, has played the Queen three times in television films commissioned by the BBC: tea with my house (2006), Prince William (2002), and Margaret, 2009, from which the photo was taken.

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