The death of Elizabeth II: Charles III, what a long wait

DrThe face of the new king presents a gentle face, a little weary, a left eyebrow raised like a paradox, a smile in the corner of the lips and a lively, mischievous eye. In profile, Charles Philip Arthur George Windsor looks like a portrait of a 16th century gentlemane A horn by Holbein, hanging on a wall at Windsor Castle. With the arrogant look, athletic build and tan skin of a condotier who has a passion for fighting and pride. But the tormented silhouette possesses a contemplative spirit and endless efforts.

The new ruler is a unique soul, because only sometimes he knows how to give birth to delicious England: he is at the same time accessible and inaccessible, ideal but practical, traditional and radical. Set in the rural landscape of Gloucestershire, 200 km…

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