Kenji Jirak on the verge of tears: evokes the loss of his grandfather, shocking revelations

It’s already been three weeks since every Saturday evening on channel number one TF1, we can find the singing show The Voice Kids. In the program many surprises with talents whose age was amazing. But as some explain Musicthey move Judges are sometimes in very deep emotions. Such was the case of Kendji Girac who was swept up in emotion. We will explain everything here.

Kendji Girac in tears

last saturday itself Broadcasting The third show of The Voice Kids for this season. Once again, many talents appeared on stage and influenced both the audience and the judges. If Many of them were talentedsome managed to touch and configure Remember the memories sometimes ulceration. This was especially the case for Kendji Girac, as one of his talents mentioned it to him grandfather Unfortunately the deceased.

It’s a 12-year-old girl answering the name Sana who, translating to “Dernier Lys,” manages to bring Kendji Girac to tears. It turns out that young Sana sang this song In honor of the one you love Who was dear to him and who is also, disappear. Something to touch Kendji Girac.

Sana says thatThis song I sing To my grandfather who passed away not too long ago, to all the grandparents and loved ones people have lostKenji Girak replied:I couldn’t sing this song because it’s too loud for me When I want to tell my grandfather that I miss him and that I love him. It’s a really powerful song. Thank you so much to convey the message. I’m here thinking of mine. Like I said, we think of others too. Bravo for your courage!“.

Other coaches were affected

But Kendji Girac wasn’t alone in this gritty performance. In fact, it was the same for Julien Doré, Luanne and Patrick Fury big moment of emotions. Julian Doré said:You are I found in this song a subtlety, it was very touching. Patrick Fury also held add a word.

Indeed, Kenji Girac and Julien Doré spoke, and Patrick Fury also wanted to add the word “The people you love never really leave. They are in us. When I sang it was amazing and expressing love to your loved one was so powerfulOf course, Luan was also affected by this performance.

Just like Kendji Girac, Louane lost not one, but two of his loved ones. It turns out that his Both parents are dead. Thus, the heavy duty The meaning touched her deeply. Then she said,I won’t go into the topic of the song because it obviously touches me…”.

After all, Young Sana succeeded in hitting Kenji Girak, his teammates and opponents in the heart, enough to guarantee near future in a song The girl who looks strong with impact.

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