Customer services will no longer be able to use 06 and 07 reserved exclusively for individuals

Phone numbers beginning with 06 and 07 will be reserved “exclusively” for “personal” communication services as of January 1st.

The Telecommunications Organization (Arcep) announced on Monday that the use of mobile phone numbers starting with 06 and 07 will be reserved “exclusively” for “personal”, and therefore interpersonal, communication services from January 1, 2023.

This measure has been taken in particular in order to “enhance the protection” of users from “fraud and abuse”, and other inappropriate commercial calls.

“In the interest of readability for subscribers, the authority maintains the use of mobile phone numbers on 06 and 07 – which are always associated with the user in everyone’s mind – exclusively for personal communication services. It thus links this type of number to mandatory provision by at least one call and voice messaging service operators. ,” she said in a statement.

09 replaces 06 and 07

“Non-personal” uses of mobile phone numbers, such as communications between a mobile subscriber and the “technical platform”, shall convert to other categories of numbers, such as the new number category in 09, defined in “Arcep”.

“These numbers can be used, for example, for messaging conversations between the brand and its customers, or for very short-term use of phone numbers in certain cases of cross-platform communication (package delivery, VTC drivers, etc. ) ”, the regulator explained.

The November 15, 2021 law aimed at reducing the ecological footprint of digital technology in France gives Arcep the ability to specify the categories of numbers that can be presented to a recipient during communications made via call and autoresponder systems.Messaging.

Frederic Bianchi

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