20 Kazakh films and TV series that deserve your attention

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According to the Kazakhstan Film Support Fund, in 2018-2020 there were in Kazakhstan released 993 movies. Production of films and series continues today. TengriMIX will tell you which Kazakh films have high ratings and are popular.

The list of popular movies is based on data from the Russian services “KinoPoisk”, IVI, and international – IMDb and MEGOGO by movie ratings and number of votes. The selection was based on popularity, taking into account the number of reviews (from 1,000 ratings and above) on “KinoPoisk”, so some famous movies were not included in the list. It should be noted that the international services IMDb and MEGOGO do not have a complete list of Kazakh films, TV series and few ratings. Some famous movies are not available at all.

“KinoPoisk” and IMDb

In the first place, the series directed by Akan Sataev “Brothers” 2009. On the KinoPoisk service, the series has the highest rating among all Kazakhstani films – 8.3 out of 10 possible and 1,422 ratings. IMDb has a rating of 7.5 out of 10 (18 ratings).

The series tells the story of the life of three brothers who were born and raised in the village. Starring Berik Aitzhanov, Nurlan Alimzhanov and Anuar Nurpeisov.

Next in terms of rating and number of ratings is a new sensational series “5:32” directed by Alisher Utev. On the “KinoPoisk” service, “5:32” has a rating of 8.1 (more than 6,000 ratings), on IMDb – 8.2 (35 ratings).

The series tells the story of Kazakh police officers who uncovered a series of brutal murders and detained maniacs. The picture is based on real events that took place in the 1990s. Starring Abilmansur Serikov and Marat Amiraev. The official trailer of the series can be watched here.

Next in popularity is the series “Sugar” 2020 with a rating of 7.9 (more than 2,000 ratings) on “KinoPoisk” and 8.6 on IMDb (10 ratings).

The series shows Almaty today. This is the story of a student who was afraid of his stepfather’s anger because of his expulsion from university and had to find a large sum of money to recover. He gets a job as a courier for a synthetic drug store. The guy successfully spreads them and tastes, forgetting about his goal.

“Old Man” also received high marks (“Scarf”) directed by Ermek Tursunov with a rating of 7.8 (4,200 ratings). The IMDb rating of the film is 7.3 (711 ratings).

This is a story about a small family – an old man, a daughter-in-law and a grandson who live in the far steppe.

Next is the film “Headlight” 1999 with the late Farhad Abdraimov in the lead role. The rating of the film on “KinoPoisk” is 7.6 (4,000 ratings).

“Fara” is a story about a good-natured fat man – a chef, the son of a bank director who was killed. Only he knows the code of the bank account on which millions lie.

Next is the criminal militant Akana Sataeva Racketeer 2007. The rating of the film on “KinoPoisk” is 7.5 (about 24,000 ratings), on IMDb the rating is 6.9 (650 ratings).

This is a biographical story about the life of a former boxer named Sayan in the early 1990s, told by him.

Then there are two Kazakh films with the same ratings:

1. Historical film by Akan Satayev Tomiris with Almira Tursyn in the lead role. The picture has a rating of 7.4 (more than 46,000 ratings) on “KinoPoisk”. The IMDb rating of the film is 5.8 (41,500 ratings).

2. “The Tale of the Pink Hare” (2010) with the same rating – 7.4 (9,000 ratings) on “KinoPoisk”.

The story of a provincial student boy who came to Almaty hoping to succeed in the future. He finds himself in the midst of golden youth, who have their own laws and orders.

Also among the popular Kazakh films were such films as:

Drama “Jerk” with a rating of 7.7 (more than 1,000 ratings), starring Arstan Myrzagereev, Asel Sadvakasova, Jean Baizhanbayev and Gosha Kutsenko. This is a touching story of a young basketball player who, by fate, ended up in a hospital bed.

Drama “The road to the mother” director Akan Sataev with a rating of 7.5 (more than 1,000 reviews). A story about the power of maternal love, which helped the protagonist cope with the blows of fate.

Nurtas Adambay’s two comedies – “Kudalar” (rating 7.1 and more than 9,000 ratings) and “I am the groom” (7.2 and more than 7,000 estimates). The first film is a story about matchmakers from Astana and Shymkent, whose children decided to play a wedding. The second film tells the story of colleagues who get involved in a dangerous adventure. At the request of a colleague, the man agrees to pretend to be her fiancé.

The series with an unusual plot from the creator of the thriller “5:32” also received a good rating – “Sergeant Brother” 2021. The rating on “KinoPoisk” is 7.7. The series about the authoritative Almaty racketeer has become popular on social networks and on YouTube. It tells the story of how a bandit, lying in a coma for 23 years, suddenly comes to consciousness. In the yard in 2021, his children have grown up, he himself has grown old, and the world has changed beyond recognition. Now he needs to adapt to reality and build relationships with his family.

On the IMDb service, the most popular among Kazakhstani films and TV series are TV series “5:32”, “Sugar” and “Robbery in Kazakh” with ratings of 8.4.

The film “Robbery in Kazakh” 2014 is a story about the fascinating and dangerous adventures of four friends who stole 10 million euros from the Chinese triad.

Also among the popular on IMDb – the series “Crossroads” (1996-2000) with a rating of 7.5.


Kazakh films such as Kazakhstan have the highest ratings on this service Tomiris and “Akim” – Nurtas Adambay’s film about the representative of the golden youth of Kazakhstan, who is appointed to the position of akim of the deaf village. Both IVI films have a rating of 8.1.

Next go “Off-line vacation” about student friends deciding to set up a camp for urban children, and a film Bekzat – The life story of the late boxer Bekzat Sattarkhanov, who won gold at the Sydney Olympics. Both films have a rating of 7.8.


The highest ratings for movies “The Old Man” (“Shawl”) – 8.0, Tomiris – 7.8, “Racketeer” – 7.8, “Off-line vacation” (1 and 2 parts) – 7.7.

The highest rating of the film “The road to the mother” – 8.0. Next up is the crime series “Locust” – 7.9 (with Asanali Ashimov in the lead role – about the struggle of the staff of the National Security Committee of Kazakhstan to suppress drug trafficking) and TV series “Crossroads” with a rating of 7.6. Melodrama is among the five most popular “He and she” (a film about a chance meeting between a screenwriter student and a fearless girl) and “Headlight” with ratings of 7.5.

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