20+ food songs from Korean artists

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Although the theme of food in K-pop is not very common, there are more such songs than you think. Both the soloists and the idol bands sang about the food, and most of them received a positive response from the audience.

Here are 20+ songs about food, popular and not very.

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BLACKPINK feat. Selena Gomez – Ice Cream

One of the most popular food songs is “Ice Cream” by BLACKPINK and Selena Gomez, released in August 2020. “Ice Cream” is a pop song about a girl who looks “cold” on the outside, but is “sweet” on the inside, just like ice cream.

TWICE – Jelly Jelly

“Jelly Jelly” from the 2016 album “TWICEcoaster: Lane 1” is one of the most popular byside tracks TWICE. It is described as a pop song in which the sounds of a synthesizer are combined with Muga’s bass (Moog is also a synthesizer developed by Robert Muog, 1964). The title of the song is a funny change of the word “jealous”. The song is about a girl who is jealous of her lover when he looks at other girls.

BIGBANG & 2NE1 – Lollipop

“Lollipop”, released in March 2009, is a song by two artists YG Entertainment BIGBANG and 2NE1which was used as an advertisement for LG Cyon phones. “Lollipop” is considered an unofficial debut song 2NE1as their debut took place only in May of the same year.

Red Velvet – Ice Cream Cake

“Ice Cream Cake” is one of the two title songs of the mini-album of the same name Red Velvet, released in 2015. The track combines bubble-pop, drums and bass, which shows the “red” side of the band. “Ice Cream Cake” tells about the girl’s excitement because she is attracted to her boyfriend, and the words about the ice cream cake are used as a metaphor for her feelings.

gugudan – Chococo

The song gugudan “Chococo” stands out with a memorable chorus that is sure to get stuck in your head as soon as you listen to the song. In particular, the song is addictive due to the repetition of the word “chocolate”, which emphasizes the obsession of the participants with this treat. The music video for the song is inspired by Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

NCT 127 – Cherry Bomb

“Cherry Bomb” is the title track of the third mini-album NCT 127 NCT # 127 CHERRY BOMB. Theon and Mark took part in writing the lyrics to this and four other songs from the album. “Cherry Bomb” is a song with heavy hip-hop beats, in which the band declares itself “the biggest hit” and calls the thrills of performances something that “tastes like a cherry bomb.”

Kim Samuel – Candy

“Candy” is the third track from the first full-length album Kim Samuel “Eye Candy.” The song is about physical features that Samuel loves in a girl. The singer says he wants her like a candy baby.

NCT Dream – Chewing Gum

“Chewing Gum” is a debut song NCT Dream , released in August 2016. This is a bright song in the genre of bubble-pop (amazing, isn’t it?), Demonstrating the fresh and cheerful teenage individuality of the band members.

EVERGLOW – Bon Bon Chocolat

The title of the debut song EVERGLOW “Bon Bon Chocolat” translates from French as “Chocolate Candy”. The song shows the excitement of the girls about their debut in the K-pop industry.

Baekhyun (EXO) – Candy

“Candy” is the title track of the second mini-album Baekhyun Delight. This is a song in the R&B genre, in which Baekhyun compares itself to various sweets.

This is the end of the article in the source. I don’t think that’s the way things are done at all, and these 10 songs are too few. Therefore, I present to your attention more songs about food that I can add to the list. A little biased, but varied 😄

There are no songs about fruits and drinks in the list, otherwise the list will be endless, about this some other time 😉

Super Junior-H – Cooking? Cooking!

A HUGE omission not to add this song to the list. Debut song Super Junior-H – a timeless classic that is easy to lose and impossible to forget. This is the standard of songs about food, such a list should start with “Cooking? Cooking! ” It is better not to watch the clip on an empty stomach.

Super Junior – Candy

Japanese K-pop songs are not very popular even among fans, although they deserve attention no less than Korean songs. “Candy” is a by-side track of the single “Blue World”, released in 2013. The song “Blue World” in 2021 was included in the Japanese album “Star”, but “Candy” has remained a little-known song. In “Candy” Super Junior compare the beloved with the delicious sweetness that melts in their hands, and ask her to give them a small piece of herself.

Jason (Super Junior) – Eat’s OK

Unlike many other food songs, which cheerfully and casually tell about love with the help of “edible” metaphors, “Eat’s OK” is a song in the folk genre, which contains an important message: you do not need to starve yourself to look better, because people are beautiful, even if they eat what they want. Jason wrote this song for fans who are worried about how they look in the eyes of others.

Hyun (Girls’ Generation) feat. Loopy, Soyon ((G) I-DLE) – Dessert

This song is one of the most famous songs Hyun. In it, love (“dessert”) is compared to sweets: they lose their taste when the one you love is near.

GOT7 – Dessert

In this Japanese song released in 2017, GOT7 call the girl “dessert” and ask for supplements, because the dessert is so delicious that it drives them crazy.

Yong (GOT7) – Tasty

“Tasty” is one of the songs from the first solo album Yong “COLORS from Ars”, which was released in October 2021. In the song Yong calls love delicious, sweet and intoxicating, and also says that he will not part with a girl for nothing, because he goes crazy from one touch.

Red Velvet – #Cookie Jar

You can write a separate article consisting only of songs where Red Velvet talk about food. Here I will give an example of the Japanese song “#Cookie Jar” from the 2018 album of the same name. This time, love is a jar of cookies, the perfect recipe for which can only be created with a truly loved one.

TWICE – Candy Pop

“Candy Pop” is the title song of the Japanese album of the same name TWICE. In it, love is a candy that can change its taste and color every day, but still remain delicious.

Chuno (2PM) – Ice Cream

Sometimes I am sad because of the participants 2PM they know more as actors than singers. But they (though not all) released not only group but also solo albums. IN Chuno more than 10 albums, most of which are Japanese. The song “Ice Cream” from the album “2017 S / S” is about a girl who attracts people like ice cream on a hot summer day. The bright clip allows to plunge into the atmosphere of summer rest.

NCT Dream – Hot Sauce

Another song NCT Dream about food – “Hot Sauce”. Here the band says that among their songs (“dishes”) there will definitely be those that you like, you just have to try them.

NCT U – Make a Wish (Birthday Song) (English Ver.)

English version of “Make a Wish (Birthday Song)” from NCT U differs from Korean in its message. If the Korean version is literally (to some extent) a song about the fulfillment of desires, then the English version has not quite a decent subtext (about the same difference between the Korean and English versions of “Highway to Heaven” from NCT 127). However, “Make a Wish (Birthday Song) (English Ver.)” Is a song about the fact that no candy, no cookies, no chocolate will replace the sweetness of love.

Lay (EXO) – Mapo Tofu

English version
Chinese version

Mapo tofu is a spicy dish of Sichuan cuisine consisting of tofu, minced meat and hot Sichuan pepper sauce. Zhang Yixing compares love with mapo tofu – it is just as spicy and delicious. In the Chinese version of the song, the comparison of love with a dish is more detailed.

Yes, Yixing himself is not a Korean artist, but he is in a Korean band, so forgive me for this weakness))


In this “banana” song MOMOLAND (which is actually a song by the penguin Pororo) makes no sense to say much. If you think it’s not in your head, just wait. You will remember this song when you don’t have to (it’s not a threat, it’s a reality).

DAY6 – Chocolate

“Chocolate” from DAY6 – soundtrack to the drama of 2018 “Our crazy 19”. The song is about a girl who is sweeter than chocolate, and feelings for her seem so familiar and familiar, although they have not been tested before.

SHINee – Chocolate

IN SHINee there is also a song called “Chocolate” – one of the tracks on the album “Married to the Music”. Here SHINee compare themselves with chocolate, and the beloved – with the sweetness on which there is an addiction.

f (x) feat. SHINee / MIC – Lollipop

Korean version with SHINee
Chinese version with MIC

Earlier in the list was the song of the same name BIGBANG and 2NE1which was used to advertise LG Cyon. Chinese “Lollipop” from f (x) and MIC also used in advertising this phone model. But y f (x) There is also a Korean version of this song, only in collaboration not with MICand s SHINee. This version is on the album f (x) Pinocchio.

IMFACT – Lollipop

IMFACT – a little-known band that gained a little more popularity after participating in the survival show “The Unit». “Lollipop” is their debut song. In it, participants call the girl a lollipop and say that her body drives not only them crazy, but the whole world. Unfortunately or fortunately, in January 2022 the band left its agency, but did not announce the breakup.

What do you think of the songs on the list and what songs would you add?

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