20+ curious shots from behind the scenes of the “Oscar”, which have not yet seen ordinary viewers. And we will show

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The Oscars are becoming one of the most discussed events in the world of the film industry every year. And we, ordinary viewers, every time we cheer for our favorite movies and discuss the outfits of the stars on the red carpet. But few of us know how to prepare for this large-scale event and what is happening behind the scenes.

We are in they dug their heads into the photo archives and found many curious shots from ceremonies of different years.

Decorator Dan D’Angelo paints Oscar statues

Salma Hayek is preparing to go on stage – applying makeup in her dressing room

Brad Pitt behind the scenes. His throat seemed to dry with excitement

In 2017, the guests of the festival were treated to hot dogs with the names of Oscar-nominated films

Before the ceremony, the statues are carefully wrapped in plastic wrap

Chefs prepare a festive table for participants and guests of the ceremony

Brad Pitt won an Oscar and is now receiving congratulations behind the scenes

Artists paint and polish Oscar statues

Journalists will make official shots, and this is a photo on a smartphone for personal archive

Souvenir “Oscars” for everyone

Workers spread the famous red carpet

Scarlett Johansson and Florence Pew walked the red carpet in front of reporters and relaxed a bit

Florists at work: decorate the pedestal of one of the statues

The pastry chef carries an Oscar-decorated cake

Preparation for the ceremony. Top view

The journalists had a free minute

On the red carpet you can meet such a stylish dog

Where would you put this statue?

Final touches before the ceremony

Reese Witherspoon with fans

Just look at how many photographers are here!

And this is the foyer of the theater, where the awards ceremony takes place

Lady Gaga runs away from the stage after she finished her performance at the 88th Academy Awards

Do you dream of going behind the scenes of a large-scale show? What exactly, if not a secret?

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