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2 zodiac signs will be able to radically change your life in the coming days

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Deal with karma and good luck: 2 zodiac signs will be able to radically change your life in the coming daysAstrologers said that some signs of the Zodiac will be able to turn their lives 360 degrees in the next 3 days. Two representatives of the Zodiac Circle will be able to fight with their karma and Fate will not be favorable to them. The universe will throw a lot of difficulties and the representatives of the two Signs will have to fight for their happiness.

Aries they must show the utmost perseverance for success to come to them. They will be able to realize their plans only if they are active. However, it is important to save your own strength. It is worth paying attention to other areas of life. Conflicts with the other half are waiting for them due to a misunderstanding. Astrologers recommend avoiding quarrels by all means.

Tauruses must curb their ambitions to make their behavior more modest. It is worth paying attention to really important things. Astrologers recommend distracting from solving other people’s problems. Your work will require a lot of time and outside help. However, you should not reveal all your secrets to outsiders, especially in matters of wealth. It may also be worth rethinking your principles to change the existing reality.

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1,100 people wrote Total Dictation at 30 sites in UfaTotal dictation took place on April 9 in Ufa. This year it was written by about 1,100 people, 160 of whom passed the TruD test: this is a special version of the dictation for foreigners studying Russian.

The action took place at 30 city sites. Most of them are universities and libraries, as well as the State Assembly – Kurultai of the Republic of Bashkortostan, the Republican Perinatal Center, the historical park “Russia is my history”, coffee shop “Krzysztof” and kotokafe “Koteynaya”.

The author of the text of Total Dictation – 2022 was a Russian writer, translator and screenwriter Marina Stepnova. Her text was dictated on the stage by popular TV presenters – in particular, Ella Kurilskaya, Rustem Gabbasov, Lilia Kuramshina, Yulia Isanberdina, Kirill Kukosh, Marina Vysotskaya, as well as actress of the National Youth Theater of Belarus Karim Yulia Nyrkova, and Russian language teachers librarians, writers, public figures.

The text was traditionally read by the dean of the Faculty of Philology Almira Yamaletdinova in the alma mater of Ufa’s Total Dictation – Bashkir State University. The first action in the capital of the republic took place at BSU in 2012. Today, in addition to one of the most popular dictation sites among the townspeople, a TruD test has been organized, as well as a test by philologists.

The action is actively supported by the medical community. About 50 medical workers from all over Bashkortostan gathered at the site of the Republican Perinatal Center to write a dictation. Among the writers were the chief physician of the Republican Center for Public Health and Medical Prevention Alisa Mamaeva, the chief physician of the Republican Perinatal Center Svetlana Karimova, a member of the State Duma Committee on Health, the deputy of the Kurultay of Belarus Rimma Utyasheva.

“The Medical University has been participating in the Total Dictation for 10 years. Write the administration, teachers, students and everyone who chose our site. We understand the exceptional importance of the Russian language. Last year, a department of the Russian language was opened at our international faculty, and today our foreign students also took part in the action in the TruD format, ”said the rector of the Bashkir State Medical University Valentin Pavlov.

At two TruD sites, BSU and BSMU, the dictation was written by representatives of countries such as Uzbekistan, Ghana, Peru, Haiti, Egypt, Colombia, Chad, Afghanistan, Palestine, Egypt, Malaysia, Côte d’Ivoire, Ecuador, Senegal, Somalia, Yemen, Morocco, Saudi Arabia.

Employees of the House of Friendship of Peoples of the Republic of Belarus also took part in the Total Dictation, which takes place not only in Russia but also in a number of other countries. Specialists from all historical and cultural centers and representatives of national and cultural associations tested their literacy.

“Every day of modern man is filled with a thousand questions, and today we type more on keyboards than we hold pens. Thanks to such actions, we manage to devote time to one of the most difficult thought processes – writing! After all, when we write, our brain must remember and follow the rules of spelling, spelling, punctuation and many others, “- said Acting Director of the House of Friendship of Peoples of the Republic of Belarus Gulnaz Mirkhaidarova.

Estimates for dictation will be known after April 20. Everyone will be able to get to know them on the Ufa page of the website The issue of works, except for those written “excellent”, will be held on April 22 and 23 in the Central City Library (138 Komsomolskaya Street). The award ceremony is scheduled for May 24. All details – in the social networks of the VKontakte project and Telegram

For reference: Total Dictation is an annual free cultural and educational event for all comers. It is aimed at developing interest in learning Russian and improving literacy. The first Total Dictation took place in Novosibirsk in 2004 and gradually became global. In 2021, the campaign was held in 123 countries, bringing together more than 675,000 people – in person and online.

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Stylists have named 7 things in the wardrobe that can not be savedTo create a fashionable and high-quality wardrobe, you need to be able to combine things with each other. Sometimes even an ordinary shirt will help to create a chic image if it is made of quality textiles. Experts named items of clothing that can not be saved.

Jeans can be of any model, it is important that the quality of their material and tailoring was excellent. You do not need to follow trends, because jeans should fit perfectly and be combined with other things, writes Profile.Ru.

Coats in the wardrobe can be many, which differ in color, style, etc., and one of them must be a neutral color and quality fabric. This coat can be combined with bright colors. It is better to abandon the active decor of such clothing, as trends tend to change quickly.

Trench is one of the most versatile things that can be combined with both classic and sportswear. It is worth choosing one quality trench coat of neutral color, so that it easily survives at least 10 years.

A quality oversize shirt can be a great combination for pants, jeans, skirts and even dresses. It is important that the thing was really high quality and did not lose its appearance during the first wash.

Sneakers are also a basic thing on which you do not need to save. Sports shoes wear out quickly because they are versatile. That is why it is better to spend once and buy a quality thing that will last more than one year.

A laconic dress can be combined with any things and accessories. The basic dress must be high quality and expensive. With such a thing, your image will always be chic.

A classic suit will be a successful fashion investment for you. Properly combined suit is suitable for business meetings, interviews and even for meeting friends.

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In the capital of Bashkortostan, more than 200 million rubles will be spent on the production of office furnitureIn the Republic of Bashkortostan on the territory of the Ufa Industrial Park, Smart Office intends to open a modern automated enterprise for the production of office furniture. The volume of investments in the project will be about 200 million rubles with the creation of 25 new jobs. Reports about it press service of the Government of the Republic of Belarus.

– One of the important aspects of the company’s location on the territory of Ufa is that the investor is already cooperating with the anchor resident of the park – the company “Kronospan”. However, in the past, the supply of raw materials required significant logistics costs. Now that businesses are in close proximity to each other, the investor will be able to cut a number of costs. Now, at the request of the initiator of the project, our managers are selecting measures of state support for further presentation at a meeting of “Investchas”, – said Director General of the Development Corporation of the Republic of Bashkortostan Nail Gabbasov.

The investor has established itself positively in the market, cooperating with such large customers as the Russian Post, Rostelecom, Airport. Mustaya Karima, BSPU Technopark, etc.

The decision to implement an investment project in the industrial park was made after the investor got acquainted with the sites during a joint trip with the management of the management company. At the same time, Smart Office representatives noted favorable infrastructural conditions for doing business.

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How to feed peppers to collect a bucket of fruit from each bushCollecting a bucket of peppers from each bush is a dream of a summer resident, which will become a reality if you feed the culture with “secret” fertilizer.

The benefit of this fertilization is that thanks to it the crop bears fruit for a very long time and the crop is harvested more than usual.

The secret is to spray bell peppers with a solution of milk and iodine.

Stir 20 drops of iodine in a liter of milk and dilute with water in a ratio of 1:10.

Pepper is sprayed with this solution every evening, starting from the day when the first leaves appear.

During fruiting, it is important not only to help the culture, but also not to interfere.

At this time, it is undesirable to feed bell peppers with chicken manure, mullein, humus or compost.

As they write Proteinsfrom organics it is better to give preference to green infusions with weeds.

Pepper loves nettle infusion. Prepare it as follows: in a barrel pour chopped nettle, ash and yeast, fill with water and insist 10 days.

The infusion is stirred from time to time. Before use, filter and dilute with water in a ratio of 1:10.

This solution is watered the soil in the beds with peppers, and a solution of milk and iodine, sprayed only green mass. Thanks to these fertilizers, pepper gives a lot of ovaries and grows quickly.

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Bashkiria was among the top three in providing property support to self-employed citizensBashkortostan was noted among the leading regions in providing property support to self-employed citizens. This became known on April 8 at a nationwide meeting with the Plenipotentiaries of the President of the Russian Federation in federal districts, territorial bodies of Rosimushchestvo, 85 constituent entities of the Russian Federation, municipalities in the field of property support for small and medium enterprises and self-employed citizens.

– Currently in the Republic of Bashkortostan more than 2.9 thousand objects of movable and immovable property, as well as land plots in state and municipal ownership and free from the rights of third parties, can be provided to entrepreneurs and self-employed citizens on preferential terms, – said the deputy Minister of Land Property Relations Rustam Gizatullin. – Today in the territory of the Republic of Bashkortostan the possibility of receiving property support to self-employed citizens at the regional and municipal levels is provided.

At present, in 23 municipalities of the Republic of Bashkortostan, self-employed citizens are provided with property support, the leaders among them are Baimak, Belebeev districts and the city of Mezhgorye.

The leaders in the transfer of business assets in 2021 were Arkhangelsk, Belebeevsky and Uchalinsky districts of the Republic of Bashkortostan, while such work is being carried out successfully in 55 municipal districts and urban districts of the Republic of Bashkortostan.

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