18 photos that prove that each of us can easily create a work of art

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Art has long gone beyond museums and galleries. People find it in the usual daily rituals, the environment and even random photos taken on the phone. No wonder it is said that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. The shots, which are reminiscent of Renaissance paintings, only confirm this truth.

We are in we often find inspiration in simple things around, so we share a selection of photos that can not be distinguished from the paintings of old masters, except that the plots and characters of our time.

What do you need for a beautiful photo? One lamb sleeping in the light of a lamp will suffice

On the way to the light

A good shot – and it already seems that we have before us the work of the artist

Tinsmith as if from a painting of the Renaissance

“I realized that my friend is quite a guy from the XV century”

The author managed to capture a magical frame – the peace and tranquility of nature and people

“My girlfriend was distracted and glanced when she felt my presence.”

The shot, which captured the friendship of an elephant and a man, is beautiful in everything

Such sunsets can be watched indefinitely

“My wife dramatizes colds too much”

Light at the end of the barbecue

An older man just calls on the phone, but it looks like a picture from an exhibition

The process of creating a work of art is as fascinating as the result itself

Random Traveler, Random Frame and “Random Renaissance”

This carpenter, standing in the rays of light, just came off the canvas of the old master. And even his chair is good

How to turn bread into a work of art? Take a picture of a baker at work

A work of art can be created with a single flashlight and the right angle

The magic of cinema does not disappear even behind the scenes

Have you ever had a random photo turned into a masterpiece? What kind of shots were these?

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