17-year-old Chan Won-yon was shocked when Highlight mentioned soju on Music Bank

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It looks like a 17-year-old Chan Won “Soju” is a bit of a scary word!

In the broadcast “Music Bank»From March 25 leading It stinks from IVE and Songhun from ENHYPEN interviewed “veterans” Highlightwho recently made a comeback with the first full-length album “Daydream”.

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That day Highlight prepared a funny acrostic with the word “Daydream”. Jobs said: “We have prepared an acrostic with the word “Daydream”. Dae: Let me introduce you to a cool song. And: I’ll let you hear it right here, right now. Yes: Finally, let’s open it on “Music Bank” from KBS2. Rome (Im): “A Glass of Soju” by Im Chan John-sonbannim».

Some participants pretended to drink soju from their water bottles, while others sang “A Glass of Soju”.

However, the mention of soju – an alcoholic beverage that can only be consumed in Korea from the age of 19 – surprised the presenter. It stinks. Idol looked at the staff “Music Bank»With a charming, shocked expression before continuing the interview.

Netizens commented: “God, what a cutie”, “Sorry, Vonyon, our opps are a little old lol”, “What a baby lol”, “She thought they’d pull out a real soju lol”, “Dujun drinking water behind her lol”, “Highlight is not interested in formalities lol”, “The way she smiled at the staff, it was such a childish smile!” and much more.

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