16 stars who showed the world that pregnancy is not a reason to hide in shapeless hoodies

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Pregnancy is not a reason to wear shapeless hoodies. Star moms are also trying to demonstrate this. After all, on social outings they can easily be seen in tight-fitting outfits and luxurious dresses from famous designers, who do their best to emphasize the interesting situation.

We are in followed the births of pregnant star girls and realized how much they decorated each event with their brilliant outfits.

1. Rihanna at the Paris Fashion Week

2. Jennifer Lawrence at the premiere of “Don’t Look Up”

3. Anne Hathaway at the premiere of “Modern Love”

4. Miranda Kerr at the opening of the Jasper Jones exhibition

5. Claire Danes at the Tribeca International Film Festival 2018

6. Serena Williams and her husband at the opening of Ray Kawakubo’s exhibition

7. Beyoncé at the 2017 Grammy Awards (right)

8. Megan Markle in Hamilton Square on a tour of the new sculpture

9. Kerry Washington at the 68th Emmy Awards

10. Liv Tyler at the Elle Style Awards

11. Blake Lively at the Women of Worth Awards ceremony at L’Oréal Paris

12. Kim Kardashian shopping in Beverly Hills and the MTV Video Music Awards

13. Kate Winslet at the European premiere of “Labor Day”

14. Fergie at the premiere of the film “Picturesque Route”

15. Gal Gadot at the Golden Globe Awards Ceremony

16. Natalie Portman at the premiere of the film “Planetarium”, which took place as part of the Venice Film Festival

Were you in an interesting position? If so, what clothes did you prefer to wear during pregnancy?

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