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Not every day we laugh from the heart. But some are lucky. And they, laughing a lot, decided to share the positive with everyone else. Humorous potential sometimes lies in the most ordinary situations: naughty children have planned another trick or the sender has confused something with the online order – life constantly throws us a reason to smile, you just need to be able to notice it. wants to share situations that have amused people from all over the world, and hopes that it will lift your spirits and create a playful atmosphere until the end of the working day.

1. “We took a werewolf named Ollie from the shelter. Or Dragon of Luck “I don’t understand.”

2. The Hulk knew better times

3. “Looks like my daughter was making dinner for herself this morning.”

4. “I will turn 40 this year, and this is still my most professional photo. About 1992 »

5. “I’m having fun with my baby’s hair”

6. Cat during yawning

7. “My wife made me lunch”

8. “We tried making raisins in chocolate. As a result, it became similar to beans. “

9. When a relative does not really understand how postcards work, which can be modified at will

The inscription on the card: “You can change the card and write your wish on it.”

10. “I searched for my glasses for 3 days”

11. “Eggs that my son cooked”

12. “My sister’s neighbor is drying clothes. Ice formed on things “

13. “I’m 50”

The inscription on the cake: “Not today, Death.”

14. “I asked my wife to add carrots to a cabbage salad. She thinks it’s funny. “

15. “My son wanted this poppy in the form of Sponge Bob until he discovered it”

16. “My 4-year-old child laughs non-stop over this smiling donut in sunglasses and 2 mouths”

Do members of your family arrange raffles for you? Who was the last person to make you laugh to the point of stomach cramps?

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