15 very strange things that celebrities did at their parties

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Some celebrities in show business definitely know what it means to “come off completely”. Take a look at 15 weird things that celebrities did at their parties

1. When Richard Branson was celebrating his mother’s 90th birthday, he and his male relatives performed a Chippendales-like dance on stage. At the end of the performance, they undressed to their underwear.

2. When Sir Elton John celebrated his 50th birthday, he held a masquerade ball for 60 celebrities. He wore a Louis XIV wig and was so huge that he had to be carried on the body of a 30-foot truck, which he equipped with a massive velvet throne.

3. Every Halloween Heidi Klum throws an extravagant party. However, the main attraction is its choice of bizarre topics. Like, for example, in 2016, when her own costume was Klum’s army of clones.

4. Pop singer Adele celebrated her 30th birthday with a party on the theme “Titanic”. The singer, who is crazy about the film, organized a luxurious party with costumes and life jackets as gifts.

5. At the party in honor of the 10th anniversary of the Saturday Night Live show, several celebrities from the top list performed on stage. Among the highlights of the evening were Paul McCartney’s performance of “Shake It Off” with Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande’s duet with Michael Bolton and Bill Murray’s performance with a tambourine.

6. In 1966, Truman Capote hosted the Black and White Ball, which was attended by 540 of his closest friends, celebrities. The party was so grand that a whole book was written about it.

7. When Katy Perry was throwing a party to celebrate her 25th birthday, she chose the theme “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” and asked everyone to wear white. It turned out later that it was a party with paints and cake.

8. When her daughter Stormy was one year old, Kylie Jenner gave her a funny party on the theme of the amusement park. Guests were treated to carnival food, attractions and prizes. DJ Khaled also appeared at the party and gave the birthday girl her first Chanel bag.

9. During a short visit to Las Vegas, Prince Harry met Ryan Lochte and challenged him to swim. Lohte accepted the challenge, and they jumped into the pool in their clothes and swam. Prince Harry almost lost.

10. Mariah Carey once hosted a costume party for guests in Mariah Carey costumes.

11. On his 32nd birthday, the famous blogger Perez Hilton held a star party on the theme of the carnival. The lavish event was attended by guests such as RuPol and Lisa Minelli. Katy Perry showed up at the party on an elephant.

12. The party in honor of the 22nd anniversary of Miley Cyrus in 2014 was a strange event. Among the attractions were a mechanical penis and a huge pizza cake. On her previous birthday, she made herself a cake that resembled herself and decorated it with marijuana leaves.

13. On the 60th anniversary of her mother, Beyonce staged a masquerade in the style of New Orleans. The guests came in masks and got to the venue on horse-drawn carriages.

14. When the revolutionary French fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent introduced his new perfume called Opium in 1977, he hosted a grand party in the style of decadence and luxury. The party was so lavish that Andy Warhol wrote about his regret that he missed it. Cher and Truman Capote were on the 800-guest list. The event’s luxurious décor included 2,000 Hawaiian white orchids and a 1,000-pound Buddha. The estimated cost of the event was $ 300,000, or $ 1.25 million in 2022 dollars.

15. Paris Hilton’s 21st birthday celebration lasted five days on three different continents! In 2002, Paris decided to celebrate her birthday for five days by holding six parties in different cities around the world, such as Los Angeles, London, Tokyo, New York, Las Vegas and Paris. To ensure the attendance of all guests, her father paid about $ 75,000 for each guest.

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