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No homemade online cinemas.

backstage filming of Sydney Lumet

A channel-collection of materials about cinematography in all its forms: from directing to technical subtleties.

News from the world of cinema from a good YouTube essayist.

This guy shot Morgenstern’s Last Track and hid quality notes about the movie behind the funny name of the telegram channel.

Only author’s content from a specialist with extensive experience in the field. As part of the weekly column # LoglineMonday you can share your idea and get feedback.

A channel from a film critic, as friendly as possible to a reader who does not understand the film.

Cool long-lived project. The author compares the text of the scripts with the final result, along the way explaining how these or those dramatic techniques work. There is a convenient navigation for analysis.

Author’s film diary. Reviews of movies, stories from the world of cinema, posters and other pictures.

Informal channel of the film distribution company A-ONE. I especially like the column with recommendations from their creative team: enthusiastic people briefly tell what they liked recently, and nothing more.

The editing director shows his work and shares the benefits of audio and video.

Lots of material about costumes in cinema from a stylist and costume historian.

The hostess of this channel studied screenwriting at the American Film Institute in Los Angeles. Here is industry news, videos and interviews. Everything, of course, is tied to drama.

About Russian film production. The channel has three authors-professional screenwriters, who promise to publish scripts for domestic films.

In case you didn’t understand, this is a news channel about top Russian cinema (and industry).

Subjective, but also excellent mini-reviews of the series.

The author holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Southern California and sometimes writes about how he works in the US industry.

Guys, how do I love compilations, you would know …

I’m waiting for your links in the comments, especially interested in something about the technical part of film production.

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