15 people were inspired by paintings by famous artists and created dishes that at least bring to the exhibition

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Cooking is undoubtedly a creative thing, even when it comes to simple sandwiches or scrambled eggs. After all, you need your own approach to the preparation of each of them. And what about the chefs who try to create a work of art from any of their dishes. Yes, that is a pity. noticed that sometimes chefs try to repeat the work of famous artists, and then there are real delicious masterpieces.

Claude Monet, “Pink and Purple Irises.”

“I think so is happeningif you need to do a task for both culinary and art school at the same time “

Gustav Klimt, The Kiss.

Picasso cake. Vanilla biscuit with fresh strawberries and strawberry butter cream

Pablo Picasso, Harlequin.

“I do not know whether to eat this pie, whether to take to the Louvre “

Leonardo da Vinci, Mona Lisa.

Apple pie from shortcrust pastry

Vincent Van Gogh, “Still Life: Fifteen Sunflowers in a Vase.”

Cake with a self-portrait of Van Gogh

Vincent Van Gogh, Self-Portrait.

“It’s too beautiful … I wouldn’t could it is »

Katsushika Hokusai, “The Big Wave in Kanagawa.”

Macaroons inspired by the work of Jackson Pollock

Jackson Pollock, “Number 1 (Lavender Mist).”

Picasso salad

Pablo Picasso, “A woman sitting in a chair.”

Focaccia, inspired by Van Gogh’s sunflowers

Vincent Van Gogh, “Still Life: Fifteen Sunflowers in a Vase.”

Canapes according to Kandinsky’s drawing

Vasily Kandinsky, “Color sketch. Squares with concentric circles.

Bread created under the impression of Van Gogh’s painting

Vincent Van Gogh, “Red Poppies and Chamomiles”.

Toast with part of Michelangelo’s Creation of Adam

Michelangelo, The Creation of Adam.

Monet’s wedding cake

Claude Monet, The Japanese Bridge.

Cake with handmade sugar flowers

Vincent Van Gogh, “Blooming Almond Branches.”

And which of these edible masterpieces would you like to try?

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