15 K-pop idols who left their original company and debuted at another agency

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Many K-pop idols changed agencies before debuting as singers. Their decision to leave their first label was influenced by various reasons, including music and simply being fired from the company. Here is a list of 15 K-pop artists who moved to another agency during their internship.

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G-Dragon (BIGBANG)

Before debuting in the lineup BIGBANG run by YG Entertainment, Mr. Dragon first trained at SM Entertainment. He left SM because he was more interested in rap.

CL (2NE1)

Before joining YG Entertainment and debuting 2NE1, CL first studied at JYP Entertainment, where she sang and danced with the participants 2AM.

Herin (SISTAR)

Herin – Another former JYP trainer. She almost debuted in a trio with Min from miss A and Jiin from Secret. However, the plans changed and she left the agency. Later Herin auditioned for Starship Entertainment, where she eventually debuted as a member SISTAR.

Yonjun (TXT)

Before training in Big Hit Music, then make your debut in TXT, Yongjun first trained at CUBE Entertainment. He is said to have trained at CUBE for only three months, although this has not been confirmed.

Leah (ITZY)

Leah She was originally accepted into SM Entertainment, but her parents were against her being a trainee, so she left the label soon after. Leah started training at JYP Entertainment when she was 17, and two years later debuted as lead vocalist ITZY.

Dahwi and Ujin (AB6IX)

Dehvi and Ujin originally there were JYP trains. They trained together with the participants Stray Kids. They both left JYP and moved to Brand New Music, where they debuted as part of the band AB6IX. They were also members of Brand New Music when they debuted as members WANNA ONE.

Xinbi and Inha (VIVIZ and former GFRIEND members)

Although Inha and Sinby debuted at Source Music as members GFRIEND, they first studied at Big Hit Music. However, the label severed ties with them along with other interns. As a result, they signed a contract with Source Music. Currently Inha and Sinby are part of the agency Big Planet Made together with Omji and move forward as a trio VIVIZ.

Tan (Ciipher)

Idol novice Tan – Former Starship Entertainment train. He even appeared on the survival show “NO.MERCY”, in which they were formed MONSTA X. After failing to make his debut in the band, he went into compulsory military service. Later Tan joined Rain Company, and there he debuted as the lead vocalist of the label’s first male band Ciipher.

Yosan and Uyon (ATEEZ)

Participants ATEEZ Yosan and One are former interns of Big Hit Music. They trained with Taehyun and Yonjunwho later became participants TXT. Yosan left Big Hit and moved to KQ Entertainment. Later One broke off relations with Big Hit and signed a contract with KQ because of a strong friendship with Yosan.


Before the debut in the lineup INFINITE Woollim Entertainment Sonel was a trainer at SM Entertainment. At first he studied to be an actor.

Lee Hory

Lee Hory originally studied at SM Entertainment and had to make her debut as a participant SES, but for personal reasons she left the agency and later joined World Music. Then DSP Media paid attention to her, and she debuted in their women’s group Fin.KL..

Soybeans (SISTAR)

Soy began her career in the entertainment industry as a trainee at CUBE Entertainment, where she was to debut in 4Minute. However, her debut did not go according to plan, and she left the label. As a result, she moved to Starship Entertainment, where she debuted as a member SISTAR.

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