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Embroidery as an art form appeared in ancient China in the V-III centuries BC. e. and has survived to the present day. Although there are various models of embroidery machines today, nothing compares to a thing made by hand. After all, human imagination is boundless, and together with the love of his hobby, it can work wonders. collected works of people who turned embroidery into a source of aesthetic pleasure for themselves and their loved ones.

Love at a distance

“I didn’t leave the house for almost a week, I ran out of fabric, and I had to cross-stitch on this old sieve. In my opinion, it turned out well! “

“I had no idea that ever I want yourself an embroidered picture. But that was before I saw this one. “

“When I first saw the embroidered portraits, I couldn’t believe my eyes that it could be done with threads. But then she decided to make a portrait of her pet. It’s been 2 years since then and I’m happy with the result because I’m self-taught. “

“I love” Walking Castle “and the studio” Ghibli “, so I decided to embroider it”

“I embroidered this picture for a friend who is a huge fan of The Lord of the Rings.” It took about 4 months and a part of my soul. I’m a little sad to give it away. “

“It took her 23 years. I bought and started this embroidery in 1998 to hang in my first apartment. Many times I gave up and started embroidering it again, but I promised myself that 2020 would be the year when I would finish it. I was 4 days late, but I’m glad I finished it “

“I was dancing before I had a car accident. I hope this ballerina will make you smile. “

“I embroidered it for a whole year to give my wife a birthday present”

“I embroidered their house as a gift to my grandparents. A little bit of pride, a little more disappointment “

“I had high hopes, and I imagined giving them a present. As a result, my grandfather praised me briefly, and then left [подарок] lying on the table all night, didn’t even remember him. And this despite the fact that all this time he was praised by another, who gave him my uncle – a blanket with the image of a dog.

“My favorite color, favorite shoes, favorite hobby! I have never seen anything more beautiful! ”

“A million French knots, 4 shades of green, 2 inflamed fingers and 1 way to the center of the maze”

“I embroidered this beret in the form of a mushroom hat”

“My grandmother embroidered my great-grandfather’s face in the style of Picasso”

“I gave myself a portrait for my 28th birthday”

“When I left work, my colleague told me a phrase that I just had to embroider to always remember it.”

“Remember: you can roll the mountains, and you will.”

Which of these works would you also like to have or even hang at home in the most prominent place?

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